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My first sales role as Financial Services Officer started at Vancity Credit Union in 2005. As I was new to this role, I attended a few weeks of in class training at their head office, along with several months of in branch learning, before I was ready to embark on the role by myself.

In 2007, I joined CIBC, which was also a sales role, but this time I had a lot more responsibility, which involved a touch of managerial tasks coupled with sales in small business.

November of 2010, I started a new venture at BMO, as an assistant branch manager. The first few months involved a lot of training in order to convert myself to the BMO way of doing things. The learning included the role of a ...view middle of the document...

I had to maintain knowledge of Vancity products and services, at the same time troubleshoot member problems, and comply with their requests. Above all, being proactive to spot opportunities for additional business was a crucial aspect of this position to meet and exceed my targets throughout the year.
This role was a lot more complex, as it included complete small business solutions to meet client needs. In addition to business lending, I was also responsible to take care of their personal lending needs. I learnt to handle customer concerns appropriately and with confidence. Also, captured and validated client information to enter into a computer system accurately.
I was able to run the branch with great interest and excitement, which helped me acquire skills that enabled me to contribute towards the organization’s growth and profitability and ultimately new business. I learnt to demonstrate a strong customer focus and be a good role model for the team. As a branch manager, I learnt not only to oversee the work of the sales staff, but also the service department, as well. I developed the skills to be able to hold sales meetings, coaching and mentoring with great confidence. Along the way, prioritizing my days, weeks and months in advance became second nature to me, which was needed to be successful in this role. My presentation skills had improved drastically, in fact, to a level where I did not need to refer to my notes that I had prepared in advance.
I became acquainted with operations, product launches and campaigns at a functional level to improve branch productivity. I became aware of monitoring and assessing risk within the branch, which was crucial to keep the audits at an acceptable level. I was required to do a lobby leadership to maintain and deliver great customer experience, which helped me to demonstrate a strong customer focus and be a good role model for the team. I gained an insight into directing and managing all aspects of the entire branch.
I developed the skill of building effective sales strategies to optimize my sales structure and performance of the branch as a whole.
I learnt to develop the confidence to eliminate conflict, rather than delaying or avoiding challenging conversations. I was...

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