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Learning Contract B Essay

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St-st-stuttering ones way through a speech is not a very good quality to have, especially for a man who is required to speak publicly. To have the weight of a nation upon one’s shoulders, so that when one speaks one speaks for the nation, is only slightly intimidating. The King’s Speech is a film about King George VI and his lifelong struggle to overcome his speech impediment. Around 1925, the World War II era, the Duke of York struggled to overcome his speech impediment known as a stammer, or stutter, and had troubles speaking to the public. His wife Elizabeth sought the treatment of a speech therapist that followed unconventional and controversial methods. The film is about the progress ...view middle of the document...

Upon meeting Lionel, it was expected that he were to come to the Duke of York, however Lionel stated clear boundaries that if he were to help the Duke with his stammer, the Duke would need to come to him. The first therapy session was tense. Lionel preferred that the Duke and himself were to view each other as equals, and call each other by their first names or pet names, such as Bertie, a name only used to address the Duke by his family, and simply Lionel instead of Doctor. The tension grew, as the Duke clearly did not view Lionel and himself as equals. As Bertie attempted to smoke a cigarette, Lionel disapproved, as he believed breathing smoke in one’s lungs to be detrimental to one’s health, where as Bertie knew smoking as a way to relax the throat. With the relaxed setting, and a strange activity of talking where Bertie could not hear himself speak led Bertie to give up Lionel’s treatment on the first day.
Over time there grew to be an understanding between Lionel and Bertie, there grew to be clarifications about the myths of the speech impediment and there was a growing relationship between the two men. Before the treatment plan with Lionel, Bertie was required to give a speech, he stood at the microphone frozen, trying to get the words out but they would not come. It was at this time that he decided to go seek more treatment, it was also what continued to bring him back to the therapy sessions, so that he would never have to stand in front of a nation, or speak to a nation, frozen over his own words again. There was a need for absolute trust between Lionel and Bertie. The treatments worked on strengthening not just the tongue or throat but also diaphragm. Over the course of the movie you saw and heard Bertie’s speech disorder improve. You saw a man become worth the thrown he sat in, because even though he had a difficult time speaking he has a voice.
The films portrayal of the king...

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