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Agnė Cicėnaitė Academic Writing Year 2, Group 2 22/10/2012Learning English at school and at university: differences and similaritiesEnglish is spoken as a first language by around 375 million people and as a second language by around 375 million speakers in the world. Moreover, speakers of English as a second language will soon outnumber those who speak it as a first language, according to research by the British Council. Young people start learning English nearly they start going to school. Others start or continue learning it at university. School and university are alike, because they give people education and knowledge. However, school gives people education in all subjects preparing them for the university and the university gives education in a specific field preparing people for a job. On the surface at least, learning English at school and at university seem almost opposite.One obvious difference is levels of learning English. In school pupils begin learning with post beginner level. For example, a post beginner can understand a few high frequency phrases and can produce single words and set phrases. Then pupils continue with elementary and later with intermediate level, in which the learner can speak well enough to make spontaneous interjections in conversations, tell one's own stories, and enjoy longer conversations, etc. In contrast, at university students begin with upper immediate or advanced levels. For instance, learners can understand native speakers with ease and can participate almost equally in most conversation with native English speakers. And then students reach proficient level.Other areas of difference between learning English at school and at university involve conditions and material. Students at university can take all the newest material of learning English language and can use computers and electronic sources in all libraries and reading-rooms of university. On the other hand, pupils at school get only textbooks and dictionaries and if they need exhaustive material they look it by them-self in town libraries and other places. Furthermore, students can every day communicate with native speaks, because there are many Erasmus students. In comparison, pupils rarely meet native speakers at school.Other difference is the quantity of material and time during which people have to learn new information. Pupils at school get only basic rules from which they learn English. Moreover, they have plenty of time to analyse and learn everything. Conversely, students at university have less time to learn and understand all material. Furthermore,...

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