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Learning For A Lifetime Essay

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The definition of learning is the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something according to Learning is a never ending process. We learn every single day. Franks Smith, the author of The Book of Learning and Forgetting, conferred on the official theory of learning and the classic view of learning. The classic view of learning says “we learn from people around us with whom we identify. We can’t help learning from them and we learn without knowing we are learning.” (p.3). The question is, what is the best way to learn? Many have developed theories on what is the best way to learn and how one may learn. In The Book of Learning and Forgetting, Smith discusses the many theories on learning and how people can learn in the most efficient way: to fit ones specific need.
Emotions play a significant part in learning. In the book, 7 Kinds of Smarts by Thomas Armstrong, the author elaborated on how different intelligences play a part in how we learn. There are eight main intelligences that are discussed in the book. The Multiple intelligence theory was developed by Howard Gardner, a Professor at Harvard University. According to the theory, everyone possesses all of these intelligences. Although the extent to which each is developed in an individual varies from person to person. Our strongest intelligences may affect the way we learn and interact with people. One of the intelligences that Armstrong discusses is intrapersonal intelligence and interpersonal intelligence. Everyone should posses intrapersonal intelligence. In Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, he discussed interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence as well. Also how schools need to address emotions and accept them so students can be emotionally literate.
Furthermore, each author expressed that learning is continuous and never ends. On my journey of life, I realized I learn every day. I discovered my intelligences in the last few months and am in the process of developing new intelligences. I have came to an understanding that the way teachers taught in middle school and some parts of high school were not fit for my style of learning. In school I remember teachers telling me to learn all I can not because soon I will not be able to learn anymore. These books help me gain understanding on learning and influenced me to create a learning goal for life. One of my goals is to strengthen my weakest intelligences and create a plan to use each of my intelligences every day. Another goal is to learn how to learn in differnnt ways than what I am used to. I usually learn better independently and now I want to develop a technique to be more sociable and have a more interpersonal ability.
My intelligences have changed over the years. For instance, when I a young child I had more interpersonal strengths. I could help people with their problems and I wouldn’t mind going to someone else...

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