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Learning From Failures Essay

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Whoooo. Taking a deep breath, I whisk my nerves aside. This is the moment I have worked so hard for and I had to dive in head first. The curtain whisks open to an auditorium filled with hundreds of silhouettes. Dimly the lights cast a gray mist over the anticipating crowd. As the music begins the lights burst onto the stage. Suddenly ten gorgeous girls with heavy stage makeup and curls swing into action. This is the moment we have all been waiting for after a week of countless activities and interviews. Our choreography is timed perfectly to the music, and before we know it the curtain is being slammed back over our faces. Giddy from the thrill, we race back to the dressing room to get ready for the evening gown competition.

Each contestant gets her turn at being on center stage for the evening gown portion. A blessing was sent down upon me when I found out that I would be the last girl to enter the stage before each leg of the pageant. Taking a little extra time with my lipstick my eyes catch my reflection in the cascading mirror. This is it, your interviews went perfectly, and YOU can do this. I scan my face once more to make sure not a speck of makeup was smudged or misplaced. Dark eyeshadow is blanketed over my eyelids, and sharp black eyelashes curl at ease along my blue green eyes. Glamorization has never been my thing, but with one final look in the mirror a smile splayed across my round face. Damn girl you look good.

The night rolled on with ease, and with each phase of the pageant being completed I could feel my confidence booming. Finally after all the candidates we're presented, and thirty agonizing, panic attack invoking, minutes the judge's results were in. Ten pouffy pastel dresses line center stage making a semi-circle across the vast space. The retiring royalty clutch three bouquets of flowers, and more importantly three shiny bejeweled crowns. The crowns reflected the multiple stage lights and they literally looked like a million bucks. Upbeat music burst on and the retiring royalty taunted the candidates with prized items. This was the moment everyone was waiting for. Before I knew it the first one the three crowns was being haloed over each of our heads. Landing on a basket of blonde curls two girls away...

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