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" Rats are rodents that work by estimating and using their instinct in identifying an object to later on deciding to adopt an action based on the data they receive. That is what described in a book entitled Who Moved My Cheese? composed by Spencer Johnson. "
Trust me, the nature and work mechanism of rats could be reference to seal the number one position in this country. It can as well be utilized as a citation for the prospects who is developing a scheme to woo his running mate, as well as later in the campaign process and for the working cabinet plans as presently as they are elected.
I strongly believe the candidates---either those whose have clearly been put forward by the party or ...view middle of the document...

Recited in the book Who Moved My Cheese? mentioned above, there are four types of characters that representing human nature and demeanor of the struggle in defense of life and living. Two of the characters are rats, and the other two are dwarfs. Rats represented by the character Sniff (sniff) and Scurry (track). Sniff and Scurry are two characters that are able to observe changes quickly, always try to look for possibilities and new opportunities. And then, selecting a rapid action immediately based on the information collected. They do not want to be still and complacent with the existing things. Meanwhile, the other two dwarfs represented by Hem (rigid) and Haw (safe) are characters who pass up and deny the change because of the fear of change and already comfortable with the site and the things that have been achieved (comfort zone). They simply desire to visualize changes to adjust if it brings something more honest, which unfortunately to achieve it they must repeatedly do trial and error. Meanwhile the cheese (cheese, food) referred to is an opportunity, and challenges that exist in the maze or everyday life that will be executed (bitten).
From the summary, it can be reasoned that the figures that will be contesting the presidential election campaign in the near time should be able to behave and think like a rat. Good at analyzing the situations (sniff) and then simply take action or decision (bite) related to it.
The art of winning
It is really a necessary thing when political leaders try to gain the people's interests through the party they represent. To substantiate this, there are several ways that can be managed. One of them is...

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