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bell hooks is successful in delivering her message in article “Learning in the Shadow of Race and Class” because she gives examples of herself as well as examples of other students who she has known. She argues that lower class students were ignored by their teachers and peers. Although, few sentences and paragraphs in her article are not as effective as the whole article, still reading it is interesting. In her essay, hooks defends poor people who have been ignored by white people at school. She also explains her situation when she was studying. She defends poor people, which is what most of the good writers are doing in order to let their readers know that they are not thinking about getting money or anything like that. hooks is an effective writer through the use of persuasive examples and emotional appeals.
In her essay, hooks gives many examples about herself and others, about how ...view middle of the document...

Then she says “Without words the strangers surrounding me understood the universal language of need and distress.” These examples are interesting and they keep readers ‘attention. ………………………………………………………………………
Not only examples make this essay interesting, but there are also some emotional sentences that make it persuasive. Hooks mentions things that she dreamed of and never got. There are some sentences in her essay that make readers to feel as if they are in the story. For example, “Before I could speak, I began to weep as I heard the faraway sound of mama’s voice.” hooks talks about how her classmates disrespected and disliked her because she was not from a rich family. She says, Stanford University was named after the son of a rich guy who died young. “No amount of money can keep death away. But it could keep memory alive.” She talks about a white girl who became her roommate. The white girl’s mother deceased when she was in high school, and she lived with her father until she became an adult, and she was offered not to live with a black girl but that the white girl didn’t accept the offer. I think these arguments are very effective and she did great on it.
Few paragraphs and sentences are not related to her topic, but those paragraphs and sentences do not affect her strong argument. For example, she mentions reading poetry under a tree and how grass was lovely, and her father tried to grow the grass in their yard. These examples were not related to her topic, and they were not effective. She also talks about white girls who threw trash to her room, and she says “After trashing my room, they tried to win me over with apologies and urges to talk and understand.” I think the essay would be better without sentences like this, because if girls disrespected her, they wouldn’t apologize. Another thing I that should not be in her essay is when she talks about rich people and says “We knew rich people were rarely allowed into heaven. God had given them a paradise, and even then it was harder for them to find their way.”I don’t think only rich people are allowed into paradise.

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