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IntroductionIn addition to the changing entertainment, the Internet is changing many other aspects of society, including the way business is conducted. People do not have to leave their homes to shop. They have almost any type of store at their fingertips and can easily search for specific items and compare prices. This is particularly useful for individuals who live in remote areas, where there are few stores. People can buy and sell on eBay and arrange for all sorts of services from home, such as grocery delivery, laundry and dry cleaning, home repairs, and shipping. Businesses rely on the dissemination of information via Web sites and compete for spots in search engines, which have come to replace the Yellow Pages. An individual can buy a lacquer table in China and have it delivered halfway around the world, bid on a grand piano on eBay, sell a car, all without leaving the keyboard. The Internet has also changed the service industry. People no longer have to spend hours at the motor vehicles department renewing their licenses or registrations.The Internet has changed the way people access news, exchange information, and travel. Newspapers and periodicals are delivered online with powerful search engines that enable users to find, save, print, or send their favorite articles. In addition, snail mail is at risk of becoming obsolete with e-mail and instant messaging. The Internet has become so all pervasive that travelers are penalized for not making reservations online. Technology has truly changed the way we function in almost all aspects of life.Technology also has had a tremendous impact on education at all levels, K-16, and provides a plethora of opportunities for both formal and informal learning. Lectures can be delivered via podcasts or entire courses delivered virtually. Remote learners can access information from the Outback of Australia, a one-room school house in Siberia, or from a rural New Mexico town where formal education must be supplemented by online learning because there aren't enough qualified teachers. Access to the Internet is possible and opens up vast possibilities for learning and accessing information.Academic libraries are also changing in fundamental ways. Due to the Internet and other technologies, libraries are buying fewer books and journals in favor of electronic copies, and reconfiguring space into electronic workstations for users. The reference librarian's job has evolved into an on-call, electronic consultancy; eliminating the need to physically enter the library. No longer do libraries have to purchase printed reference materials and their annual updates, because the electronic versions can be revised continuously. The shift from paper to electronic materials is enabling users to access them anytime and from any location. With the increase in electronic materials comes the need for increasingly powerful search engines provide access to the materials.The online availability is particularly useful for students...

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