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What is Belarus known for? Belarus is known for it’s rich cultural, architectural, and historical heritage.There were many topics I could’ve chose, but I chose four topics on it’s heritage which is it’s physical, cultural, political, and economic geography. I have learned many things on Belarus such as geographic information, the Belarusians, history, and economy.
Belarus has many educational information geographically. It is also known as The Republic of Belarus. If you never looked up this fine country on the globe, it is in the northern area of Eastern Europe. Belarus’s land is very large. It’s land area is a total of 80,153m ²: 202,900km ² is land and 4,700km ² is water. Belarus is ...view middle of the document...

Not all Belarusians are Belarusians: 8% are Russian, 3% are Polish, 2% are Ukrainian, and 84% are Belarusians. Even though it seems that everything about Belarusians are positive, there is one negative information that I have found in my research: 54,218 Belarusians have given birth under the age of 20. Do you know what country you need to speak in Belarus? Somehow, the Russian language with 70% is spoken more in Belarus than the Belarusian language with 30%. Are you allowed show up at Belarus with a t-shirt and jeans? What do Belarusians even wear? The moist climate, long winter and mild summer require warm clothing. Fabrics were made out of wool, decorated with printed ornaments, or weaved with threads of different colors. Male Belarusians wear a shirt with a belt and trousers. Female Belarusians wear a shirt that is longer than the males and a skirt called a paniova. Now, you can fit in Belarus!
If you think the geography and citizens seem nice, the politics are very rich and pure! Don’t worry about dictatorship because their country is presidential republic - just like the U.S.A. The president is Alexander Lukashenko. Belarus has 3 allies: Iran, Syria, and Poland. Belarus doesn’t have true enemies, but they go back and forth hating and loving two countries: Lithuania and the United States. Of course you need to learn a little history. Belarus gained independence in August 25, 1991. The symbol of Belarus is a knight known as the Chaser. Do you like to sing? You would probably enjoy the national anthem: “My, Bielarusy” which means “We Belarusians” The...

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