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Learning Organizations In A Global Environment

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Today, with the global changes that face organizations and with the increase to the competition in the market, issues of diversity and globalization, and the ability to innovate are more critical for the success and survival of the business organization. With organizations just beginning to understand the importance of global challenges, there are few organizations embracing globalization to the level of creating a corporate culture that is globally practicing and at all levels. Because corporate culture is so intensely set in many organizations, promoting global change becomes complex and staff members often challenge or resent such changes.

Organizations need to not only develop and offer new services or product line, they need the capability to have creative solutions to challenges and problems, and members within the organization need to possess the experience and knowledge. Learning organizations are committed to management approached and concepts such as change management, knowledge, organizational development, and learning by acting. Approaches such as these function as transition methods in developing learning organizations. The philosophy lies in fact that the organizations wants to succeed, and survive, with training and education as the main parts of organizations policy.

Organizations looking at becoming global are required to establish a corporate value and culture system, which allows the organization to move resources wherever needed in the global market in order for the to achieve its maximum competitive advantage. Becoming a global organization requires the skills and the mindset extending outside most organizations current scope. Global mindset and behavioral change are largely what drives the globalization and the organization must emphasize on the value of the staff whose skills and mindset encompass that change. For many organizations, the development of the right staff is what thinking globally means.
Peter Senge first introduced the idea of learning organizations in his 1990 book, The Fifth Discipline, stating “An organization where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning how to learn together” (Senge, 1990).
Peter Senge stated that organizations needed to manage the business complexities of 21st century. Senge was correct, as business today has become more complex and the globally interconnected, making interactions more diverse, and more complex experiences these interconnections are becoming more global focusing organizations to look at not just looking at a learning organization, but looking to the future of becoming global learning organizations.

Senge’s five disciplines

Born in 1947 Peter Senge graduating Stanford with a degree in engineering earned his Masters at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in...

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