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Learning Professionals Essay

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2014 will be an exciting and challenging year for the learning professionals. Global economical and technological growth will create a new level of competition for people. Organizations will shift their focus from cost reduction to retention and engagement through capacity development of the employees. Global economic growth demands high level of skilled people. The shifting of talent across the global will be facilitated by technological advancement. As learning professional we have to innovate and bring change to ensure sustainable development of each individual’s and that results development of organizations.
The training department will be renamed with capability development. Organizations will find skill short and they will have to build a supply chain for talent. Organizations work environment, management practices, benefits and recognition programs etc., all contribute to management. But continuous learning ...view middle of the document...

Sustainable development of organizations or we can say development of individuals will be formulate by learning professionals. Learning professionals have to lead the capacity development of individuals with integrated support of others. Without integration of all units of an organization sustainable development will not possible. But question is who will lead the challenge of innovation? Learning professionals have to show the way of success.
Learning professionals should be curators rather teacher. It is about equipping people with the curiosity and drive to apply their learning to complex problems. Learners should learn through conversation and questioning. It will habitually produced quick and very often with a great deal of learning. It’s my view that the effectiveness of learning professionals is not ensure by creating materials rather providing circumstances in which conversations can be held, share and filter the best of it with the rest of the organizations. In short we can say sharing of knowledge should be in participatory approach.
The key capabilities necessitated by learning professionals will to prop up learning in the workflow. Learning professionals need to exploit and support their own workplace learning. Learning professionals ought to search and find capabilities, generate new ideas and ways of application, extract meaning and significance from a situation and share that with others, ability to visualize, articulate and solve complex problems and make decisions, capacity to build trust and productive relation with potential sources of knowledge and expertise.
Rapid advancement of technology helps the learning professionals immense. Thanks to Facebook, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn etc., these provide opportunities of social learning. Learning centre should have vigorous access to information. Learning centre should have facilities of e-learning, like-access in online journals, sharing in blogs, and wikis by using tablets. By harnessing to online resources people can build teams, share knowledge, and solve problems.
In 2014 Learning Professionals will be highly learning specialist, act as consultants and operate in “networks of expertise” not just “centre of expertise”.

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