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At the start of this class I was really excited and filled with anticipation. I did not know how well I would fair in an online class, as this was going to be my first. I have always been the type of person to completely dive into a subject I am studying, but this course was more than easy for me to get into. I enjoyed the themes we learned during this semester and thoroughly enjoyed the discussions that took place.
The first aspect of the class I admired was the actual course material covered. I was undoubtedly impressed with the amount of material that was compressed into this semester. The most shocking things I learned came in the form of statistics, for example I was not aware that women do 2/3 of work around the world, yet 2/3 of the impoverished worldwide are women. I have always had this thought engrained into me that men were the workers and sole providers, so this statistic alone began to change my view on women’s places around the world. A major theme I noticed throughout this period was the need to overcome adversity. In the readings and many of the lectures there were predominantly strong figures expressing how they had the will to fight and keep fighting, even when the fight might seem pointless. I also found most of the articles and videos descriptions relevant to my life. If I did not find any relevance at first glance I would really sit and try to analyze the piece of information deeper. Some articles seemed a little lack luster, until I took a second glance at them. The information we learned about women in abusive situations undoubtedly struck a chord with me. I grew up in a home where physical and verbal abuse was prevalent, and I think it is important to teach women that abuse is not only purely physical. Verbal and emotional abuse is just as hurtful and sometimes the pain is more lingering than physical abuse. Another subject we hit on, that I enjoyed, was the rehabilitation of female ex inmates. It is key to realize that these women are not only ex inmates, but they are also wives, sisters, and mothers. They need to be shown that they are not a waste to society and uplifted, so that way they can become more productive women and a mentor to younger girls going down the same path.
Another aspect of the class that I enjoyed was how we learned. It is much more attention grabbing and interesting when you are hearing lectures, from multiple people. I like how each person had a different insight of similar situations. Sometimes the monotony of going to the same class every other day and hearing the same person talk about their opinion can be boring. I was not bored one time during the semester. I enjoyed seeing several videos on the same subject because each one differed so greatly. As a learner I am sometimes quick to lose focus, so by being able to do different activities, on a weekly basis, I managed to take in information but still stay focused. I cannot really think of anything that I would omit from the class. I...

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