Learning Quest Neo And On Boarding Essay

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New employee orientation can be a daunting process in and of itself. Welcoming a new employee into an organization requires On-boarding, or NEO in each situation. Oftentimes managers spearhead with the HR department in order to recruit employees. The eligibility of employees must be carefully evaluated and a few simple tools can be utilized in order to do this.
This paper will describe; NEO and on-board retention, NEO and on-boarding retention practices, outcome with entrepreneurships, and finally program development. Also challenges in relation to NEO and on-boarding will be evaluated as the paper concludes.
Exploration Topic: Retention with NEO and On Boarding
A well designed onboarding program can help employees feel self-worth, and contribute positively to a company. Having the motivation to help new staff members transition within a company also is needed. Overall, having the means to create an encouraging work environment for all staff members can create lower turnover and high retention rates.
This paper will provide an overview of Retention within NEO and On Boarding. Describing what orientation is all about along with staff organization will be addressed. Also reviewed will be retention rates of onboarding in regards to effectiveness of employee encounters. Finally challenges will be touched upon based on bringing new staff on board or utilizing NEO as a means for new hires. Having effective programs to train staff ensures how fast an employee will become productive as well.
Exploration Questions
The questions to be addressed in this exploration paper include:
• What is the New Employee Orientation (NEO) and On-Boarding?
• Why should organization utilize these programs?
• What are effective, and ineffective, practices for orienting and socializing new employees?
• What are the intended outcomes of NEO and On-boarding programs?
• What approaches can be used to develop and implement NEO and On-Boarding programs?
• What are potential barriers to effective design and successful implementation; and how can barriers be overcome?
Journal Article Review
In acquiring journal articles for NEO and On-boarding EBSCO host, ProQuest, and Google Scholar were accessed. With ample number of journal articles utilized; (a) NEO and On-board Retention, (b) Retention Practices with On-Boarding (c) Entrepreneurships with NEO and On-boarding (d) Program Development.
NEO and On-board retention focuses on different methods to retain patients after the initial new hire process, or onboard hiring process. Second of all in the next journal article retention practices in regards to On-boarding are further explored thorough follow up of the first article. Thirdly the Entrepreneurships with NEO and On-boarding explain why this overlooked tool is often not utilized or underused. Entrepreneurships are so critical in the hiring and retaining process and managers need to be aware of this. Last but not least Program development seeks ways...

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