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TITLE: Learning Strategies INTRODUCTION: What is learning? According to the New Merriam-Webster Dictionary, learning is the act of knowledge and understanding by studying and experience. Learning is not always boring there are many things that can be incorporated into a classroom to make learning fun. As teachers, we must keep in mind that all our students are different and they all think and learn in different ways. A lot or research has been done in various fields in order to find distinctive learning strategies. Every subject: Math, Science, Foreign Languages, History, etc. all require different learning strategies. One student using a specific strategy to learn Spanish would not necessarily use the same strategy to learn Math. Expert strategies, Bruner's concept of attainment, Bandura's social learning, social constructivism, and shadow talking are a few of the learning strategies that interest me the most. In the subject of area of Spanish these strategies can be applied in numerous ways.The theoretical view that interests me the most is cognitivism. The cognitive view of learning is a general approach that views learning as an active mental process of acquiring, remembering, and applying knowledge. I think that in order for anyone to learn they must have an active mental process. As a foreign language educator, I think that I will be able to gain a lot using learning strategies properly. Learning Spanish is not easy, and any strategy that makes learning the language a little more exciting and meaningful will help. I do not want to focus on teaching students how to memorize; even though, the biggest part of learning a foreign language is memorization. I want to teach the students how to think for themselves and find strategies to make learning the language easier.BODY: The first strategy that I would like to discuss in detail is expert strategies. This strategy is used to help improve organizational and elaboration skills. This is helpful when studying and remembering information. Some examples of organizational strategies are; outlining, chunking, and time-lines. These strategies are useful in order to put notes or pieces of information into smaller parts or to recall sequences of events. The student organizes the material for easier understanding. When reviewing or studying, all related topics will be together in a sequential order making recall a little more meaningful. Some examples of elaboration strategies are paraphrasing, summarizing, comparing, and contrasting. These elaboration strategies help students connect or link information together in order for it to make sense. Isf a student summarizes or paraphrases, he/she is sharing what they know and what they learned. Some students, while paraphrasing, will connect the material learned with real life experiences.In my field of study, Spanish, the organizational strategy would work well when introducing new vocabulary. The vocabulary words can be separated into categories. For example,...

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