Learning Strategies And Methods: Personal Narrative

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Learning Strategies and Methods: A Reflection
As I look back upon this course, and the RN-BSN completion program as a whole, I am reminded that this is a process. There will be challenges and victories. I feel that each is meant to teach me something during this journey toward furthering my nursing education. I have always thought that as nurse, it was important to keep current with evidence based research, but returning to the formal school setting was a big step. As stated by Hood (2010) “A professional nurse should expect to commit to a life of continuous learning, growth, and development” (p.30). I take the responsibility of being a lifelong learner and commitment to excellence as a nurse very seriously. I am grateful to be able to say with each class in this program, my skills and knowledge base grow deeper.
Case Study Method of Learning
The case study method is a great way to identify problems in a clinical situation. This method of reflecting on my own personal experiences in a specific set of circumstances promoted thought-provoking questions and ideas. It also helped me to realize the importance of having all the data prior to making a decision on a plan of care. It becomes obvious while attempting to answer questions on case studies when there is not enough information. Case studies are a great way to put yourself into the clinical situation so that as nurses we may have a greater understanding of critical thinking (Asselin, 2012).
Challenges as an Evolving Leader
Today’s nurse, as an evolving leader, must be compassionate, professional and treat the patient as a whole. Professional development and ongoing, lifelong learning is also an expectation for a nurse (Castell, 2008). The learning experience of this course has helped me to understand the complex issues and challenges that face nurses as leaders in our healthcare system today. The role of advanced practice nurses is ever-changing in the healthcare system. There is a great need to rely upon an interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as holistic care and concern for the patient. I also enjoyed learning about the legal and ethical considerations that may face nurses today. It is important as nurses, to learn about these complex issues in order to provide more well-rounded care for our patients in this ever evolving healthcare system (Urden, 2010).
Strategies to Effectively Address Complex Issues in the Workplace
In order to be effective with regards to the complex issues in my current workplace, specific strategies such as communication and the use of evidence-based research is utilized. In preparing for the processes improvement presentation, I took my ideas and evidence based research to my coworkers and management, to propose recommendations for a process change in our department. It is my hope that what I am learning in this BSN completion program will translate into the workplace, and further enhance my career by increasing my knowledge and use of evidence-based...

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