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SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT: LEARNING STRATEGIESIn the area of second language acquisition, various and important investigations have shown that developing learning strategies is crucial in the process of language learning. The conscious use of this strategies lead to language proficiency as O'Malley and Chamot said (1990),"Strategies are the tools for active, self-directed involvement needed for developing L2 communicative ability."The time involved in strategy instruction is closely related to student's needs. In my experience, students need strategy instructions at regular intervals. They have no clue about the existence of strategies that may lead to language proficiency. For that reason, I think it is essential to give them an introduction about the importance of having learning strategies. This introduction is crucial to maintain a constant feedback about the strategies they might use in the future. Students need to practice different strategies before choosing one that it is appropriate for each of them. Having the opportunity to reflect about it at regular intervals will give students the chance of feeling confident with the strategy they are using. In fact, this will allow them to classify and use the strategies properly.According to the strategy treatment, students should be aware of the learning strategies they are using. That is to say, the treatment should be explicit and strategy-plus-control. Students have to be aware on their strategy use and taking part in the strategy assessment. Group discussions and teacher guided activities about the use of strategies in certain topics allow students to bear in mind their best practice in language learning as well as the ones that lead to failure. Teachers should present students examples of strategies used by different kinds of students and their possible results. Students have to be conscious about the different students' abilities and to classify the strategies that suits best each of them.As well as presenting the strategies and using them properly, it is relevant to have a control on their use. Students are conscious about the performance of the different kind of strategies they have been taught. It is beyond awareness and intentionality; it is having control of the numerous processes involved in language proficiency.Students who have control of the strategies learn faster than students who have no control. They are expected to trust their minds, acknowledge their mistakes and their work becomes more accurate. They have also the chance and certainty to recycle the strategies for future use in determined situations.The strategies students might use depend on the type of students as well as the time each teacher has to develop these activities. Personally, I think teachers should have a comprehensive list of different strategies prepared beforehand and to cover them according to students' needs. It is crucial for each teacher to have a set of strategies that might be helpful for the type of...

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