Learning Team A, Diversity Cja440: Organizational Behavior And Environment February 9, 2005

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Learning Team A, DiversityWe are a group who enjoy a well-rounded repertoire of skills, personality traits, and values. Over the course of the last year, learning team A has forged ahead, gaining and loosing members, even changing the letter that is associated with the team, but nonetheless, the friendships which were originally formed, have endured. Of the original group who formed this current team, it is the same as it was then, minus one individual. What did that loss do for out team though? Well, through the course of this paper, our team has learned that it did nothing but strengthen the resolve and determination of our group, bringing us closer together and able to reach our goals with an uncanny loyalty and professional air.We found each of the seven traits on the diversity chart to be important in the definition of our team, but as directions dictate, only four could be chosen. We chose:1. Skills/Abilities2. Personality Traits3. Values/Attitudes4. Political IdeologyEven though these were chosen as our four most important, we believe it should be noted that the other traits were just as important to us and did help define our team. After all, age, sex, and geographic regions are all areas of our background that help define each and every one of us.Michael is the member of our team with a dominant type A personality; Michael exhibits a very staunch aura of leadership. This is important because he is vocal, works well under pressure, and makes sure the team is communicating when a negative atmosphere arises. If this were a business, Michael is the President. With Julee, the same dominant personality is present, only she is quite a bit less vocal and confrontational than Michael. Though, what Julee lacks in vocal dominance, she more than makes up for in organizational skill, ability to meet deadlines with ease, and sheer determination. Her role as our Vice President is obvious anytime she speaks. Next, are the Board of Directors, Shane and Linda. Nothing would get done without these two team members. Their goal is always one of success, and when changes need to be made, they are always available to do what is needed to get the job done. Linda is able to research topics and pull from the unlimited resource that is the web, with ease. At the same time, with only a little direction, Shane provides a finished assignment where the goals are completed far better than is expected. This would all be considered positive effectiveness of diversity, to...

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