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Learning The Hard Way Personal Narrative

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Learning the Hard Way- Personal Narrative

We live our lives working in order to achieve peace within ourselves,
a sense of accomplishment and happiness. The experiences and
relationships that we develop along the way help to make us who we
are. Weather they are good or bad, we like to believe that knowledge
is gained from the people we meet and the decisions made. I have heard
it said that it is suppose to be the journey that is truly important
in our lives, not the destination. My journey really begins in the
summer of 2003, when I met a man named Rev. Bob Rowland. For me it was
the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Before that I had, much like many other people, made some bad
decisions. These decisions could have affected the rest of my life and
I suppose you might say they did. So it was, that I sought out a
guide, and walked off the street into his office on Cathedral Street
looking for hope. Before I go any further, it is important to realize
that for me it was a strange thing that I turned to God or the church
for guidance, because before that moment religion was not a part of my
life. As a child it was considered a farce and I was told that it was
a place for gossip. My parents never spoke of God, religion or the
church, so I believed that it was a waste of time seeing that it would
never benefit me in any way. So why then did I bother? Well, because I
was in fear for my soul and sanity and the hole was deep and I had dug
it. I was at that analogous fork in the road and needed to make a
decision, so I chose.

I was a complete stranger to Rev. Rowland’s and I realize that, being
a man of the cloth, he may have felt a certain obligation to speak
with me. But, he did more than that, he listened without prejudice and
answered the many questions that I had for him. He said that I needed
to forgive myself and that the first thing I had to do was to confess
everything I ever did wrong. Although I had tears running down my
face, at that point, I started...

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