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Learning The Needs Of Customers Through Customer Relationship Management

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CRM at Minitrex
Wilmington University

Customer relationship management is a strategy to learn the needs of customers. It mainly focuses on customer relations from an Enterprise perspective. It consists of systems and strategies that enable personal and relevant communications in a timely fashion. The goal is to optimize long term, profitable relationships .
Enterprise consists of many divisions like sales, marketing, finance etc., to work effectively, all need to work collaboratively. CRM enables the Enterprise to understand the customer and there by combines the information of different divisions to a single set. As the data is stored in a single place, accessing becomes easier and faster. This increases profits of the Enterprise.
Every organization maintains the customer data in different departments, which has to be collaborated into one system with some useful customer related information, which can be made possible through CRM. It provides 360-degree view of customer information. This decreases the customer management costs. CRM enables the organization to attract new customers.
CRM at Minitrex
At present the main problem at Minitrex is that no department shares the customer information with one another. It has two departments and four divisions which works separately. Jon Bettman, VP of marketing is responsible for selling and promoting array of products. Harold Blumfen, VP of insurance divided his group into industry-specific teams to design short-term insurance products to meet client's needs. Mariella Hopkins, VP of finance, she combined big banking services with small company flexibility. Every division is working effectively in their own limits. Georges Degas, director of sales got the call from the salesman reporting about the customer's response.
Steps followed by Bettman to implement CRM at Minitrex:
Jon Bettman developed customer contact system which updates the information of invoicing and servicing of accounts to insurance and financing divisions. Harold Blumfen's division uses two systems in which credit administration system tracks the billing and payments of customer and general administration system...

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