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“Alright, does this make you feel any better?” The sun just began peeking out from the depths of the clouds. A slight mist covered the bright green grass blades in our neighborhood park. Tiny birds flew high above the ground, chirping to one another. I let out a deep sigh of relief and replied, “This is better, Mama.” It was round three of being behind the wheel; the first two times I came to dub as an “epic fail.” During my first time behind the wheel, I became so nervous that I mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal. I’m sure many know how that story goes, yet thankfully I was in an empty parking lot; we luckily just startled a stray cat. With my second attempt, after hours of repetitive driving, parking, and turn signal switching, I had my basic driving skills down pat. Round three was here, and I wanted a challenge. There I was, preparing to drive off of the black parking lot pavement and straight onto the main, mean streets. We woke up extra early that Sunday morning, in order to avoid any intense traffic.
There my mom was in the passenger seat. She was going on about telling me the ancient stories of when she first learned how to drive. As she recollected memories from the depths of her mind, she rambled about how she used to have no sense of direction. “I couldn’t tell you 4th street from 5th avenue,” she chuckled to herself. Then she recalled the memory that she didn’t even know what “yield” or “merge” meant, although she was a foreigner. As Mama resurfaced memories from the depths of her mind, the only thing that was surfacing from me was sweat.
My eyes were wide open, pasted strictly on what was going on in front of me. Peering out of the windshield, my eyes darted from the Sedan on my right, to the Camry on my left, and then to the speed limit sign posted on the sidewalk. I then switched my gazed over to the dashboard. “Thirty-four miles per hour,” I stated out loud, cutting my mother off mid-sentence. I was holding my breath, almost like I was balancing our vehicle on a tightrope. “Honey, you need to be going at least forty,” my mom said as she snapped back into reality. I cocked my head to the right and took a quick look at my mom. She was laid back, with her seat slightly reclined. Her chin rested on her fingertips, while her eyes gazed out in front of her. I saw in her eyes that she was deep within her reminiscent mind now, and it was time to draw her out. “Mama, hello?” I called out in aims to grasp my mother’s full concentration. I switched gazes from the street, to my mom, and repeated this for about a minute. She glanced back at me slowly, and a smile creeped across her face....

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