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Learning To Read Essay

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My favorite Disney princess that I aspired to be as a child was belle. I thought she was the most amazing person in the world and I especially admired her kindness toward someone who needed it the most; so, when it came time for me to learn to read my mom would use a technique she called,” what would belle do today…..READ”. Over time I grew a great love for reading but many new parents wonder which techniques they can use to teach their children to read.
Reading for young children is an important learning process that every child needs to experience for different reasons. The first reason is reading guarantees success for the child in the future. In the school system, reading is a constant tools use in each classroom whether it is math, science, or English the child needs to have the ability to read to grow and learn other new topics. Having the ability to read as the child progress in school helps prevent any form of bullying; while, children who struggle reading constantly feel behind and potentially not as smart as their peers. The second reason is reading helps infants and toddlers to develop cognitively. Reading helps introduce new vocabulary words to the child that their parents, teachers, and community may not use or know as well. Reading also allows children to view certain situations developing the proper social skills to use affective problem solving. The final reason is reading gives a child the ability to learn about other worlds. By growing up in the same community for over twenty or more years, some people do not have many opportunities to learn of other cultures unless they search for that context. Books, articles, or websites are great sources for individuals to use when interesting in another country or write essays.
There is no age limit on when children begin to read, and parents have many techniques to teach their child reading. One technique is to read out loud to children. Reading out loud to children provides the opportunity to build an attachment but to also hear how words are created. Parents teach their...

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