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LEARNINGSI would like to divide my learning in two parts. My personal learning's - they reflect the observations and experiences I made and went through during the development of this training program. The second half of my learning's speak more about the knowledge I gained about training and development programs, they not only include my learning's in the course of development of the training module but also the learning's gained during conducting and experiencing a T&D program during my internship span.MY PERSONAL LEARNINGSMy personal learning's experienced in the formation of this training module were to do with how individuals come together, form a team and complete their goals to produce the best outcome. Few behaviors and experiences are as follows -Engagement and participation - striking out a balance between me as an individual and me as a group member was not an easy task and was experienced by me from time to time, am I losing my individuality while working in group processes kept coming to mind.Enthusiasm and positive attitude- It is a proven fact that enthusiastic people infect those around them, and that people with a positive attitude seem to charge the people they interact with (the converse holds for pessimists, who seem to tax one's energy). The group from time to time was seen as interacting much more with individuals who reflected the same, because the long-term success of a venture also depends heavily on how quickly it can adapt to and learn from setbacks.Conformity- No functional unit can operate without a set of norms and procedures, and it is the conformity to these standards that makes the operations of the groups a smooth affair. There was a trait of adherence and respect for the norms, as well as respect for other's opinions which was observed in our group while working on developing the Training program.Excellent communication skills - The way we chose to make contribution to a group differs with the way we space us and position us in a group. I think with several theories and lectures on communication skills we have imparted the idea very well in our minds and it was noticed during group discussion that we applied them very well to the situation mostly. Circular structure of group discussion which leads to transparency and better communication helped in effective feedback and input from all...

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833 words - 3 pages , 2007). The Tasmanian Essential Learnings Framework clearly stated key elements are inquiry and reflective thinking (Department of Education, Tasmania. 2002, p.14). Research shows that communicating mathematical understanding through metalanguage (Domain specific words), metacognition and class discussion impacts positively on students learning (Cobb, 1994; Sfard, 1998; Wood et al, 1992: as cited in Caswell & Nisbet, retrieved 2007).This lesson

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661 words - 3 pages themselves and they were able to portray there learnings in artwork which is truly amazing.One piece of artwork that portrayed Renaissance art was the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. It is a portrait of a woman that shows her physical beauty. The woman in the painting is gazing at the observer with calm eyes and a slight half smile. This expression shows calmness, beauty and a warm welcoming. Da Vinci puts a glow on the woman's face and her hands for


661 words - 3 pages themselves and they were able to portray there learnings in artwork which is truly amazing.One piece of artwork that portrayed Renaissance art was the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. It is a portrait of a woman that shows her physical beauty. The woman in the painting is gazing at the observer with calm eyes and a slight half smile. This expression shows calmness, beauty and a warm welcoming. Da Vinci puts a glow on the woman's face and her hands for


655 words - 3 pages farewell and grieve at the loss of his creator, whose life he had destroyed. Then he set out to die.Strengths and Weaknesses: The strengths of this book are that the monster often seem very sympathetic and very human, and it raises some questions of ethics. The weaknesses of this book are mainly in the beginning. Frankenstein talks about his learnings and it is a bit boring. The rest is good.Final Comments: I liked this book because it is very interesting how a human like being would see the world, and be smited by the creatures who are so much like him.

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1330 words - 6 pages , not imposing them with issues (Gordon, 1989). Then it is assume that a good supervisor is the one that it is willing to collaborate, that its administration it is based on the trust and vies about the different cultures, creating a trustworthy environment, where people are to continue developing and growing in their learnings to assist students to succeed academically (McNair, 2011). Illustrating the Beliefs In order to illustrate the future

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1352 words - 5 pages indicated that those intent on developing AI tend to spend much time refining and tweaking their hardware and software systems, generally well over 80 hours a week (14). They tend to be almost fanatical in their pursuit of what they have predetermined as possible ("Learnings" 144). From this develops an interactive feedback loop, with AI systems and their creators in cybernetic fusion. AI systems are designed after all to be learning machines


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719 words - 3 pages . Clearly, this act portrays the business world in a damaging way, and I believe we would all hope that our co-workers or companies would never act in a way to threaten an innocent mother and her family.The movie has really instilled a lot of values and learnings to me especially on taking of responsibilities on the harms you caused because of your company's environment. Another thing is for companies like PG&E, corporate social responsibility and

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902 words - 4 pages suggests that extreme religious traditions and expectations limits individuals do to as they please and to act and live in reasonable ways. Grandpa Morpeth is drawing parallels between Amy ' s religious learnings and relationships with family members. He has disowned Charles from the family and deprived Amy of the feeling of connection with her Uncle. ' I will stretch out my hand and touch him, just under the left breast and he will be whole

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