Least Developed Countries Essay

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Main Elements of the Problem and History of the Issue.

General Parties Involved.
A Least Developed Country (LDC) is a country that is defined as exhibiting the lowest indicator of socioeconomic development. A country can be classified as an LDC if they have low income, a Low Human Assets Index, a High Economic Vulnerability Index, and a population size no larger than 75 million. They must meet all four of these requirements.

Origin of the Problem
Countries classified as LDCs are often newly developed countries, have been through a war in recent years, or have been devastated by a natural disaster. All of these things can prevent a very stable economy. Whereas if the country was newly put together, the economy has not yet settled out yet and if one of the latter three, the economy could have been partly or completely destroyed. Either way, the economy has not became stable enough for there to be any type of wealth in the common man leaving about 50% to survive on less than $1 a day.

B. Actions Previously Taken

1. Previous Resolutions
The U.N. has created the Istanbul Program of Action. The goal for this is to have a more strategic, comprehensive, and sustained approach based on ambitious, focused and realistic commitments to bring about structural transformation in least developed countries that fosters accelerated, sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth and sustainable development that helps least developed countries meet long-standing as well as emerging challenges.

2.Previous Actions
In most LDCs, the U.N. has countries send as much aid as possible. The major powers usually send the most help. Whether it be in economic aid, building teams, or food. Small units of peacekeeping forces often have to accompany because of the desperation often found in those receiving the aid.

C. Current Events Surrounding the Issue

1.What Is Currently Happening?
LDCs are steadily making progress on all fronts other than some landlocked countries but these 48 continue to lack in the socioeconomic category. Whether it be low income, a Low Human Assets Index, a High Economic Vulnerability Index, and a low population size. The problem with landlocked LDCs is that they...

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