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As the taxi pulled up to Serena's house, for a moment, Serena and Ric glanced to each other,

"Give us, five... I'll pay the extra on the metre" Ric spoke as he unbuckled his seat belt and headed out of the cab and to the other side, Serena's face looked a picture as he opened the door for her, holding out his hand.

She looked up at him and smiled, she took his hand as she stepped out of the cab "Very gallant of you, Mr. Griffin"

"Have to walk the lady to the door, should anything happen to you between here and there, I couldn't live with myself"

Serena let out a small laugh, "There is more danger of that happening now"

Ric smiled as his hand slipped around her waist, and they walked ...view middle of the document...

In Ghana, they did not leave each other's arms. Yet, Ric, wanted to show Serena, that she deserved that respect, and that she meant so much more to him that sex and she saw that, and as much as she wanted him back in her bed, touching her skin, she appreciated this alternative side to romance, it made her feel special.

Her warm eyes looked up at him, and she smiled "On, you go, you've left the metre running in that taxi, I'm surely not worth a hiked up fare"

"Worth, more than I can give you" Ric placed a final kiss upon her lips "Goodnight, Serena"

Serena smiled "Goodnight" and she watched Ric, until he disappeared into the taxi, closing the door, and locking up, she kicked off her heels and placed the house key in the key bowl. For a moment or two, she just stood and smiled to herself, a fire burning away in her heart. She felt desired, she felt special, and she embraced that as a knock suddenly came to her front door startling her.

Taking the keys, she unlocked and open the door, to find Ric stood there; he changed his mind as to where and how he wanted to end tonight. Serena, just looked at him, and took a few paces back, allowing Ric to enter her home, he did so and locked the door behind him, naturally placing the keys in the bowl, as if he had done so many times before, when in truth he had not.

"Why are you...?" Serena asked

"I'd forgotten something"

"Really, what's that?"

"You" Ric replied as they met in the hallway, hands wondering, eyes gleaming as their lips met, continuously, rapidly caressing, creating a sensual and tender moment, they couldn't help but keep each other close, they adored each other.

Serena pulled away, and spoke in a lowered tone, "Take me to bed, Ric... I want you to hold me"

"I wasn't planning on anything but that," Ric stated, he would be pushing his luck otherwise, going back on his...

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