Leave Federal Aristocrats Out Of U.S. College Funding

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With the possibility of World War III looming over the world’s head and domestic unrest, federally paid tuition should not become a topic of discussion in a political debate. Evidently, prepaid college is a big topic. Can the citizens of America live with their consciences if they were to accept such an irrational national expense? The United States Federal Government should not pay for the first two years of college for all U.S. Citizens. The U.S. Government does not comprehend the idea of cash flow, but they do understand that the Federal Reserve is there to back up all of the expenses that they acquire. This act would basically add two more years in high school; thus, adding more ...view middle of the document...

The massive open online courses (MOOCs) already gives college level students the ability to take credit classes online. In the MOOCs program, “(…) dropout rates are about 90% (…)” (Cusumano 2). Why would the U.S. Government fund something that everyone already has access to, but are not following through with? Although citizens of the United States are already being handed free college level courses, they are rejecting free college credits.
Paying for all citizens to attend college is neither the job, nor the purpose of the U.S. Federal Government; again, they would be overstepping their own boundaries. Higher education is not a Constitutional purpose of the federal level of government. Their duty is limited to post office, foreign policy, law, punishment, money, and other similar duties. Subsidizing the first two years of college for citizens will bring this country down even further. In the same manor, a multitude of leeches will bring down a large creature, due to losing vital blood. In other words, subsidization is the leach sucking money out of the Federal Reserve. Inflation will catch up and devour more than the initial idea was intended to preserve.
If the citizens...

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