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Leave The Government Alone Essay

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If the Nepalese political leaders want a new constitution written within six months or a year, they should let the current bureaucratic government continue until the law of land is written.

Although it sounds anti-climactic and anti-democratic after the 19 November elections for the Constituent Assembly when the elected parties are eager to sit in the saddle of government, developments since the polls give a serious cause for concerns. It seems while the newly elected leaders fight over government, the constitution might fall, once again, by the wayside.

This was what happened in the previous Constituent Assembly. Political parties played the game of making and breaking government, neglecting the task of writing the statue, which was the main objective of the assembly in the first place. Expected to have been completed in two years, the task remained unfinished even in four years.

Well, serious issues like the form of government and nature of federalism – based on ethnic identity or viability – were there. But they could have been sorted out if the parties in government before the CA was dissolved had stuck to the last minute agreement thrashed out with the opposition. But these parties backed out of the understanding and dissolved the assembly.

The reason was their hope to prolong the government’s longevity. The parties in power that dissolved the assembly at midnight on 26 May 2012 thought that they could remain in power as long as there were no elections. And the elections became impossible to postpone, they were in the driver’s seat at the time of polls.

This time, too, it seems that politicians are up to the business as usual. Political parties have yet to nominate CA members from the proportional representation category, without which the president cannot call the house and until the house is called, a new government cannot be formed. Rather than giving the full shape to the CA, the parties are haggling over the post of president, vice president, prime minister and others.

The business of writing the statute will not start until the parties agree on government and portfolios, which could take months. Once a new government is in place, the parties in opposition will begin to plot to bring it down, and that is the nature of the political beast. In that power game, the constitution will once again fall by the wayside.

That is why the idea of letting the current administration of Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi run the country...

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