Lebanese Media And Sexuality Essay

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Lebanon is the most free and liberal country in the Arab world, a combination of the western culture and Arab culture gives it a unique culture spectrum, the country is more tolerant with the regard to relations between men and women and also homosexuality , however the country has not yet grasped the idea of sexuality Preparing children for the transition to adulthood has always been a challenge, parents play a vital role in shaping youth knowledge about sex and sexuality, public schools in Lebanon provide inadequate information, leaving the youth vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and sexual abuse, thereby allowing children learning through their own way and getting misinformation from media, internet and peers, even though teachers are supposed to remain the trusted sources to the knowledge of sex education. The Lebanese media uses sexuality as a cheap form of entertainment rather than raising awareness. The Lebanese society is blind when it comes to sex education before marriage, given rise to immature attitude towards sex, sexually transmitted diseases and confusion.
Mass media has a huge influence on sexuality and opens windows on sex, there is a huge concern regarding sexual contents in television, internet and media in general, in the absence of improper sexual education in school, youth tend to derive partial information and misinformation about sex by themselves. Such sources include Hollywood movies, pornography and also TV show. The media is the fastest way of spreading information to the public, subsequently films are becoming more and more explicit, children these days are exposed to pornography, According to journalism professor and media critic Jane Brown, the media is piquing teen interest in sex at ages younger than previous and also added relationship between the amount of sexual content children see and their level of sexual activity or their intentions to have sex in the future.
The media promotes advertisement using one technique, sex. An attractive model on a magazine or advertisement posters, she tends to appeal women on how their appearance should be and how men should expect every woman to look like. The sole purpose of this kind of ads is to attract consumers and marketers. In an article I read from daily star Lebanon titled "Shock value, sexism and superficiality: Lebanon’s advertising problem", it says " Over the past year Lebanon has seen a slew of provocative adverts promoting the idea of women as objects of violence, sexual aggression and as mindless commodities", I came across a poster that says "Mazda week get excited" it is a poster advertising 'Mazda', their target market is young men in order to get their attention quickly, they put and attractive naked lady. Another one I saw which is about exo jeans, the lady on the billboard is laying down with her legs open, there is literary no clue in that picture, all it shows is how good you can open your legs with the jeans. Such ads...

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