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In the United States, citizens take their freedom and rights on numerous things for granted. Different countries, such as Lebanon, do not get to experience the wide range privileges we have grown accustomed to in America. Settled in the western party of Asia, Lebanon appears to be a quiet and calm country. But Lebanese citizens constantly debate and fight over their country’s status on controversial and different human rights, such as laws against the gays and their country’s women’s right, on a daily basis.
Lebanon is a country very well known for its strict religious Muslims upbringing (Lebanon 2011). Because of the country’s religious background, sexual relations and sexuality remains a notorious topic that is not discuss amongst others. According to Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code, it is forbidden to participate in sexual relations that go against what the Lebanese citizens consider as laws of nature, such as homosexuality, adultery, sodomy, and fornication. If they were to be caught, punishment of a year or more in prison will be the result of the crime (LGBT rights in Lebanon 2011). Not only does Lebanon’s laws and strict religion prevents citizens in partaking what they consider a devious act, their society also plays a large role in attempting to stop homosexuality to spread throughout their country. In 2003, Lebanese media reported a situation at a Dunkin Donuts store, where the general manager refused to serve any customers that are gay or appear to be gay looking. Her defense for her action was that she wanted to reassure the parents of the children that came by were being protected and taken care of (LGBT rights in Lebanon 2011). If a scenario similar to this had happen in the United States, the general manger would have been prosecuted or fired for discriminating against the gays. But in Lebanon, being openly gay is one of the most difficult circumstances they have to face in their strict society. For example, in 2005, “Acid Nightclub” in Sin el Fil was searched and raided by Lebanese police; furthermore, they arrested a group of gay individuals including Roukoz Eid, who was the head of the group. Eid faced trial and was sentenced to jail, where he still reminds today (LGBT rights in Lebanon 2011). Although recent media reveals abuse against gays, there is still hope for homosexuality in Lebanon. A gay rights organization group was establish in Lebanon in 2002; the group is known as Hurriyyat Khassa, or Private Liberties. Their goal is to reform Article 534 that states homosexuality is a crime to sexual relationship among two consensual adults to remain in private and no longer considered a crime in Lebanon. Besides Private Liberties, another organization emerged known simply as Helem. Helem does not just provide aid and protection for the gays; they also assist the bisexual and transgender communities. Since they are the only entirely legal organization in Lebanon that is considered legal, they have to privilege to do...

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