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Le Bron James And Michael Jordan Essay

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Comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan is like comparing apples and oranges. It just isn’t a fair comparison. There are too many differences. There are too many variables. There are too many fallacies that are involved to make a fair assessment to determine who the greatest basketball player of all time is. Unfortunately the comparison is being made seemingly every day, and the article by Mr. Mathis is full of fallacious material. His extreme uses of exaggeration and card stacking, along with many harsh examples of hasty generalizations, makes a claim that Michael Jordan is and always will be the greatest player to play basketball. An opinion is simply and opinion and anyone is entitled to their opinion, but using fallacies to formulate his response to the issue makes it too finite and too biased in favor of Michael Jordan.
There are so many clear and dramatic exaggerations throughout the article. Michael Jordan is described as being “the most unstoppable assassin of all-time, the smartest marketer of all-time” and then sarcastically mentioned as “the savviest shoe salesman of all-time” (Mathis, par. 2). He then goes on to describe how Michael “floated through the air and levitated to the rim” as the city of Chicago “lauded the former Bulls megastar as a messiah” (pars. 3-4). How much more exaggeration could a person use to describe Michael Jordan? I didn’t realize people could levitate and float. And when did Jordan become a “messiah?” He isn’t a God that can do impossible things like it is implied he could do by being called “messiah.” The things he did were impressive to watch, but LeBron has undeniable impressive moments as well. The point is that Michael Jordan was a terrific player, but exaggeration isn’t necessary to make that claim. He also fails to mention how dominant LeBron is on the court with his vicious slam dunks and amazing blocks that demonstrate his athletic ability as well. It also mentions how Jordan “wore down bodies, beat his opponents” and “broke ankles” on the court (Mathis, par. 28). It is just another example of exaggeration; another failure to mention LeBron’s performances on the court that have proven to be impressive as well. The exaggerations mentioned also give evidence to card stacking to add to the fallacies throughout the article.
Anne McClintock defines Card Stacking being when “one side may suppress or distort evidence, tell half-truths, oversimplify the facts, or set up a ‘straw man’” (308). There have already been some examples of card stacking by only mentioning Michael Jordan dunking and changing the franchise of the Chicago Bulls. Even with the example of Jordan being called a “messiah,” it fails to mention LeBron having the nickname “King James.” That is a nice parallel that could have been mentioned, but instead it is one sided and points towards the greatness of Michael Jordan. It even mentions how Jordan “won titles with a less talented supporting cast” while James won with “two NBA stars who...

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