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Lecture Notes On Plant Structure (Download Document It Is In A Table.)

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PLANT STRUCTUREAngiosperms /MagnoliaphytaTwo groupsDicots and MonocotsAre classified by following features MONOCOTS DICOTSSeed leaves One cotyledon Two cotyledonLeave veins Parallel Network of veins usually branchedStems Random veins (vascular bundles)Complex arrangement Veins (vascular bundles)are arranged in a ringFlowers Multiples of three Multiples of four or fiveRoots Fibrous root system Taproot system(long roots)THE PLANT BODY CONSISTS OF ROOTS AND SHOOTSThe Root SystemRoot Ankers in the soilAbsorbs and transports minerals and water stores foodRoot hairs Is an outgrowth of an epidermal cellincrease the surface area of the rootTHE SHOOT SYSTEMIs made up of stems, leaves and adoptions for reproductionStems Are the parts of the plant that are generally above the groundSupports the leaves and flowersTransport water minerals and sugarNodes Leaves and buds come out(point which leaves are attached)Internodes The portion of the stem between nodesLeaves Main site of photosynthesisProduces food of plantapical bud (terminal bud) gives growth and length(in many plats the terminal bud produces hormones that inhibit growth of the axillary buds)Axillary buds one in each of the angles formed by a leaf and the stemare usually dormantMANY PLANTS HAVE MODIFIED ROOTS AND SHOOTSExample:Strawberry Plant Has horizontal stem (runner)A runner is a means of sexual reproductionA new plant can emerge form its tipIris Plant Have horizontal stems called rhizome(can spread and form new plants)Store food and have budsPotato Plant Has rhizomes that end in enlarged structures called tubers (the potato we eat)Note: modified stem parts of the shoot system potato, iris,Plant Cells And Tissues Are Diverse In Structure And FunctionCentral Vacuole Unique to the plant kingdomStore waterPoisonsRed colored pigmentsWastePlant cell wall Made up of celluloseCell walls that support have a two part cell wallPrimary cell wall The primary wall is laid down firstSecondary cell wall Is more ridged between the plasma membrane and the primary wall(has lequin)are harder and tend to be thicker than primary cellwallsMiddle Lamella Hold the primary walls of adjacent cells together (a sticky layer)Plasmodesmata channels of communication and circulation between adjaacent plant cellsPhloem2 cells in the phloemconducting cellcompanion cellPrimary cell wallSecondary cell wall Thicker has ligninParenchyma cell (general cell) The most common cell in a plantNo specializationRelatively smallHave only primary cell wallsHas a thin wallHas multiple sided (like diamant 25 sides)Thin wallChloroplastCan have storage vacuolesStores starch and sugarsCollenchyma cell Only have a primary wall but thickenedA alive at maturityBecomes thick and elongatedFunction: support plant that are still growing(found at parameter of stems)Sclerenchyma cells Rigid secondary cell wallsHardened with ligninMature sclerenchyma cells cannot elongateThey occur...

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