Lee Canter’s Behavioral Management Cycle Essay

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Behavioral Management can be accomplished in several ways. Which of the many different theories and methods is right for you, will depend on your own philosophy regarding student behavior in your classroom. Different teachers will chose different methods, but all will agree with the importance of some type of a behavioral management plan. The best way for a teacher to develop their own management plan is to look at several of them and either chooses the one that is best for them, or use bits and pieces from several and merge them into one cohesive plan. In this paper I will introduce Lee Canter’s Behavior Management Cycle method of behavioral management, show you how it is applied, and relate my own personal thoughts as to the good and bad points of it.
Lee Canter in describing the importance of a behavioral management system states, “Developing a behavioral curriculum you introduce at the beginning of the school year may be the single most important thing you can do to ensure student success throughout the year.” (Cantor, 2006, p. 37) He goes on to say, “If the students do not learn how to behave in a responsible, nondisruptive manner throughout the day or period, you will be unable to teach them any academic subject.” (Cantor, 2006, p. 37) Every person in the education field will agree with these statements.
The Behavior Management Cycle is a systematic approach that will help you motivate your students to quickly follow your directions, thus maximizing instruction time. (Cantor, 2006, p. 50) The easiest way to follow Canter’s behavior management cycle would be to follow it though a hypothetical situation.
The hypothetical situation will be a student named Nolan, who is pulled out of the general classroom once every other day for work in the resource room. Nolan is in first grade, and does have a slight learning disability. The reason that I choose this type of situation is that with Inclusion becoming more prevalent in schools every day, this situation is being repeated in many classrooms.
Step one of Canter’s behavior management cycle is that the teacher must effectively communicate explicit directions. Let’s take a look at what can happen when Nolan first enters the classroom after being at the resource room. The teacher wants Nolan to go directly to his seat and start independent reading. Naturally, the teacher wants Nolan to go quietly to his seat, without disrupting other students, and to immediately get his book out and start reading. The teacher can just tell Nolan, “Nolan, go to your seat, get out your book and start your independent reading”. These instructions are not explicit enough for Canter’s method. He wants the teacher to say something like this, “Nolan, go directly to your seat, without talking or disrupting your classmates, then take out your book for independent reading, and quietly began reading, while remaining in your seat.” This type of instruction leaves no doubt as to what the teacher expects Nolan to do,...

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