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Lee Harvey Oswald's Motive Essay

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There have been many papers, books, and articles written on Lee Harvey Oswald’s motives for killing President John F. Kennedy. No one knows for sure exactly what motivated him in this horrendous act, but there has been some speculation that a fatherless upbringing or his mental health led the way in making him the most famous assassin of the twentieth century.
Lee Harvey Oswald had a rough childhood. He grew up without a father figure in his life so he was lacking direction from the most important source (Biography: Lee Harvey Oswald ). His father died two months before Oswald was born, leaving his mother with three small children. As a result, “his mother would frequently neglect and ...view middle of the document...

Oswald could be very violent at times and at one point “Oswald had spoken about shooting an American President” (Oswald’s Motive). His friend that he had talked to about this said that he didn’t say it jokingly. He was a very violent person and the Russian émigré community from Dallas reported that “There is also clear evidence that Oswald...had a history of wife battering” (Oswald’s Motive). During one fight, he actually tried to kill his wife by strangling her. What he was trying to achieve through his violence was a warped form of control. While Oswald was a violent person, there are also signs that he was also emotionally and mentally unstable, and even his wife was scared for his mental state (Oswald’s Motive). Dr. Steven Diamond says that Oswald most likely could have been suffering from "psychopathic narcissism” (which is the constant need to be admired) and that would have caused him to do “what most of the young men who commit such very public crimes seek: facile infamy” (Diamond). This most likely was caused by his overwhelming feeling of rejection from his parents and caretakers. Most likely all he wanted was for someone to notice him and to gain “immortality” (Diamond).
Another theory that is put forward is that Lee Harvey Oswald was merely a "patsy" in some bigger conspiracy. Most conspiracy theories follow along the lines that Oswald didn’t commit the horrible crime, and someone else did. When the authorities caught Oswald, he was going into a theatre with a gun. When they arrested him he repeatedly said he didn't do anything, he was innocent, and that he had no idea what they were talking about (Statement Analysis). One of the theories is that the C.I.A. killed President Kennedy because of...

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