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Left Versus Right Brain Learning Essay

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Our brain and its learning styles have always been in a constant state of change and thus it’s ever evolving. The brain is divided into two major areas, the left and the right brain; they both impact our learning abilities differently. Today, a closer look at the fundamental question of the left brain vs. the right brain and how this impacts our overall learning will be explained. According to (Scannell & Burnett, 2010) the term learning can be broken down as “the sum of patterns utilized by an individual.” There are two sides of the brain which directly impact learning and create different ways of receiving, storing and responding to information which ultimately impacts our overall learning process.
Unquestionably, the left brain impacts our learning by utilizing successive hemispheric style, which in addition is also considered analytical. The focus of the left brain is verbal which is to process information in an analytical, meaning sequential and organized way. The left brain is mainly credited with the advancement of learning by impacting strong logic, analysis, thinking and reading which can be very advantageous when growing up young and attending school. This is proved very beneficial because our primary education system is focused on the left brainers, learning abilities and enhancement of their knowledge. The left brain first looks at the pieces then arranges them together to get the whole big picture. A strong left brain individual prefers to learn in a step-by-step sequential format, beginning with details leading to a conceptual understanding of a skill or task to perform.
Furthermore, the left brain impacts our learning and information processing in a verbal manner. (Budd Jr., 1997) states that the verbal manner means that the left brainer will focus mainly on “words, symbols and numbers” and it creates a logic system through which information is stored and processed for later usage. Most importantly, a left brainer stays focused with the task at hand or the provided information by critical analysis of it. At times, it is difficult for an inclined left thinker to multi-task on different projects at once. The left brainer does not do well with small talk and relationship building because they aren’t so apt to change and learning.
In general, the positive effects of the left sided brain users can easily and quickly recall names rather than faces and speak with very few gestures therefore developing much stronger communications patterns. These individuals make great logical deductions from information. They work up to the whole step by step process, focusing on details, and their information is always organized. These individuals are highly organized, have outstanding time management skills and they enjoy creating a to-do list and ultimately plan everything out in their lives. These individuals are more likely to follow rules without any questioning.
Additionally, there are many benefits and preferences of the left brain or verbal...

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