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Lefty In A Right World Essay

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To the average person, tasks like using scissors, shaking someone’s hand, or sitting at a desk seem normal. To about 10% of the world, these tasks come with a little extra difficulty. Being left-handed may sound like a minor set-back, if even a set-back at all, but in reality it comes with a lot of adaptation.
In the article Southpaw Discrimination Ending? the author states “At present it is estimated that there are 20 million “minority group” American lefthanders, who have been discriminated against in our social customs and in the design of a wide variety of tools, instruments and utensils every day.” This article was written in 1972. More than 40 years later, the left-handed subculture ...view middle of the document...

The people in my group would occasionally mention that I had used my left hand/foot first instead of my right and it was nearly impossible for them to empathize with me because they didn’t understand why it was so unnatural.
While researching for this paper, I was shocked that a pair of left-handed scissors costs 50 cents more than a pair of right-handed scissors (Office Depot). When presenting that information to a co-worker I was told the left-handed scissors were more expensive because they are for “wrong-handed” people.
These are just small examples of an ongoing misunderstanding. In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term “left-handed” is consider synonymous with the terms “clumsy,” “awkward,” “insincere,” and “gauche.” Often, at the mention of my left-handedness, I’ve had people react toward me in an ethnocentric. I’ve heard comments anywhere from “Really? You’re LEFT-handed?” to “Why don’t you just get used to using your right hand? It would make things easier on everyone.” These types of comments seem harmless, but this kind of misunderstanding ostracizes people over something with which they have little control.
Because of the misunderstandings...

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