Legacy Of Ashes: The History Of The Cia

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The legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA, is a novel written by Tim Weiner which the author discusses how the CIA had started and how the CIA have managed to hide all the horrific failures from the world’s knowledge. I thought that this novel was going to be jaw dropping and catching your attention at every page, but unfortunately that was not the case. Tim Weiner had provided a decent amount of information about how the CIA had failed the citizens of America as well as destroy the reputation and left the agency in worse shape than when each leader had obtained it in.
The first downfall of the CIA was the fact that the leaders that were appointed the directors of the CIA were very weak ...view middle of the document...

The second downfall of the CIA was the success of the missions. The members of the CIA have been trying to obtain intelligence of the Soviet Union. The information that they had gathered in the beginning did not contain any useful information. When the pentagon had found of information about union forces, the CIA would tell the pentagon that they had no information about any forces in the area and that they had nothing to worry about. Unfortunately the CIA was wrong about the forces in Berlin and other global crisis such as the Korean War and Chinese invasion where Americans were brutally killed. The CIA was even wrong saying that the Russians could not possibly have a bomb until a certain year, but that was wrong when they discovered that the Russians had been testing the bomb in the atmosphere.
Some of the directors were recruiting people from colleges to enlist so they could be sent to China to obtain secret information. They were told that they were going to be dropped into China and had to find the nearest village. They had dropped the agents along with weapons, ammunition and radios into China. Unfortunately, they were captured and killed. This however did not stop the CIA from recruiting more agents to be dropped into other parts of the world where they were also captured and killed. One would think that the CIA had learned that they should not be sending any agents into an area where they had no spies or help on the inside.
The third downfall of the CIA was how the CIA was compromised with Soviet Union agents. Many agents were sent into different areas to acquired information about the soviet unions possible actions to attack. The CIA agents had recruited many people living in these areas to help but unfortunately were secretly working for the Soviet Union. The information that the CIA obtained...

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