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Legacy Of Bill Gates Essay

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One of the most influential and global changing person this world has is a man who at such young age changed the world in a technological way in his garage. This man has began to aid foreign lands with his money to help the people in there with deadly diseases and lack of medicine. He has invested in the education of United States, and has influenced the world in a certain aspects. The man has changed the way we work with our computers and business. This man is Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft. He has helped fund companies to research for the aid for humanities, and things that will make the world better no matter who is in charge of the land. Bill has been slowly but surely changing the world with his funding, and mind.

One question that was asked to Bill was about the affect of capitalism on rich countries and third world countries. He began to explain the positives of the capitalism like it helped him with his business. He then begins to say that some people in countries like United States is fortunate to have freedom from the government in their businesses like the government in China and Russia. He begins to talk about the USA’s capitalism is really affected by the red tape that the government puts that really limits the capitalism in the USA. Bill is then asked about taxes in United States, and oddly enough he is favor of taxes. He favors taxing millionaires, and says that he has paid 4 million dollars in taxes. He also goes over that companies like Apple and Microsoft on how they put money in foreign bank accounts to save money from certain taxations. He states that all companies do this trick to save money from taxations.
The truth from about Bill’s opinion on the effect Capitalism has truth to it through the eyes of a business person and a human being. He sees the negatives, but acknowledges that the positives of it is overwhelming. Germany for example is on top of the world with its high successful economy through its capitalism. The industries in Germany have been successful because of the priority they have put in training their labor forces to succeed in various situations. They also focus on the local entrepreneurs success and advancement in certain industries that fit the global needs. The effect of the capitalism has benefited many countries like Germany, United States, India, China, and Japan. They have become superpowers in the economics of the world. They have been paving the way for certain industries that are edging something new. All from the benefits of capitalism allowed in the countries It does not affect anyone unless it abused for the benefit for one person or a group of people like a monopoly. People in the world have tried to control capitalism, but rather it turned into something bad like communism. Karl Marx was to have controlled everything is economic standards, but look at it now today. It has brought people to survive on the bare minimum.

A topic arose about the funding that Microsoft does for...

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