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Legal Abortion=Freedom Of Choice Whenever A Society Attempts To Outlaw Abortions, It Ignores The Same Urgent Reasons For Safe, Legal Abortions That Have Always Existed.

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Legal abortions are essential in a free society that values women and their rights. Abortion is never an easy decision, but women have been making that decision for thousands of years. Whenever a society attempts to outlaw abortions, it ignores the same urgent reasons for safe, legal abortions that have always existed.Choice is good for families. There are many programs such as family planning, sex education, and contraception which diminish the number of unwanted pregnancies before they occur. Even when precautions are taken, accidents can and do happen. For some families, this could be devestating. An unwanted pregnancy can increase tension, disrupt stability, and push people, particularily women and children, below the line of economic survival. A high percentage of teenage girls will become pregnant before their twentieth birthday. The penalty for lack of knowledge or a moment's carelessness should not be enforced pregnancy and childbearing. It should not hurt to be a child. If women are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, the result is unwanted and often neglected children. These children are among society's most tragic cases, often inloved, brutalized, and abandoned. When they grow up, these children are often seriously disadvantaged, and sometimes inclined toward brutal behaviour to others. This is not good for children, for families, or for society. Children need love and families who will care for them. Family planning is the answer and all options must be open.Outlawing abortions is discriminatory. Anti-abortion laws discriminate against low-income women, who are driven to dangerous self induced or back-alley abortions. That is all they can afford, but the rich can travel wherever necessary to obtain a safe abortion. Being a mother is just one option for women. Many hard battles have been fought to achieve political and economic equality for women. These gains will not be worth the effort if reproductive choice is denied. To be able to choose a safe, legal abortion makes many other options possible. Otherwise an accident or a rape can end women's economic and personal freedom. Pregnancy is the most personal private matter for women. There is no more extreme invasion of privacy than forcing women to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. If the government is allowed to force women to bear a child, where will the government stop?To prohibit abortions does not stop them, it only makes them more dangerous for women. If they...

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985 words - 4 pages Abortion, a word you have all heard or said. It is a word that has been in conversations and debates across the country. There is the pro-life side, and the pro-choice side. Abortion is a choice for women, not the government. Women today have the choice of self-determination, to determine whether or not they want to bear children. Religious leaders are trying to abolish the idea of separation of church and state by influencing the government

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746 words - 3 pages convulsions.17 The third method is used if the baby isin its last three months. It involves injecting prostaglandin into theunborn baby. He or she then has a heartattack. Prostaglandin also induces labour, and often the baby is bornstill alive. If this happens, he or she is generally left to die.18 Allof these methods are extremely cruel and excruciatingly painful.These crimes against humanity must be abolished. Abortion hurtseverybody: the child, the mother, and often even the father. If humanlife itself cannot be valued, then what kind of values can society have?

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813 words - 3 pages sexual intercourse, it will stop the number of abortions. If women are unsure of being responsible enough to become pregnant for whatever reason, then they shouldn’t be sexually active. Parents should take that extra step to make sure that their daughters are well protected; as far as sex, if their daughter is sexually active; so an abortion doesn’t have to be one of the resolutions. Abortions have a great affect on women. Most abortions are

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523 words - 2 pages patients who are not infected by Chlamydia develop PID within 4 weeks after a first trimester abortion. In general, most of the studies above reflect risk factor for women who undergo a single abortion. These same studies show that women who have multiple abortions face a much greater risk of experiencing these complications. This point is especially noteworthy since approximately 48.5% of all abortions are for repeat aborts.Teenagers, who account for

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1018 words - 4 pages spouse wants a child and has been patiently waiting this time. Should women select their own paths through life regarding family and career? Or should this be a legislative decision? Women should have their own option of deciding when or whether to have children because freedom is choice! “Abortion is never an easy decision, but women have been making that choice for thousands of years, for many good reasons. Whenever a society has sought to outlaw

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862 words - 3 pages itself is a very painful thing for a women. What some people don?t seem to understand is that abortion is not an easy way out. A woman herself has to make a decision on which is better for her. Many people try to force their beliefs onto the woman. The reasons why women have abortions vary. It may be a case of rape, physical or psychological condition. A choice needs to be available to prevent the birth of unwanted children, to avoid damage to the

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1760 words - 7 pages pregnant that she should have the responsibility of having the child. There is also the issue of rape that has to be considered when we discuss the importance for women of having a right to a safe and legal abortion. It seems obvious to most people that they shouldn’t force a woman who has become pregnant as a result of being raped to give birth to the baby. The pro-lifers don’t see the same picture; they use the same old “murder” argument to not

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675 words - 3 pages examine the facts and ask themselves if an abortion is killing of a human life or merely equivalent to a contraceptive.While abortion is a very hot topic today, it is not a new topic of argument. Abortions have been performed since ancient times with the same cloud of controversy surrounding it that still exists in our society. Women in ancient times would often try their own methods of abortion such as inserting pastes made of mashed ants and

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819 words - 4 pages , but it is a form of sin across numerous religions. Another argument commonly used, as a justification as to why abortion should not remain legal is that if abortion was not made readily available most women with unwarranted pregnancy would be encouraged to choose the human and moral adoption route. Paradoxically, there are numerous women who cannot or have difficulty conceiving a child of their own. Due to the costly expenses necessary for in

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1398 words - 6 pages In what ways has legalized abortion had an impact on population? Most would expect that an increase in the number of abortions would have an impact on the population. The reasoning being because women, who would not have terminated their pregnancies due to abortions being illegal, now had that option available to them. Although many think of abortion as a legacy from the 1960’s, abortions were as frequent on the eve of the Civil War as

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626 words - 3 pages , therefore the claim that women have such a right is irrelevant. Most uninformed people think that the majority of abortions are performed because the woman's life is in danger, well that is not fact. Fact is that 93% of all induced abortions are done for elective, nonmedical reasons. To make it simple, they are just irresponsible, they are murders and will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.