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Legal And Ethecal Issues That Impacted On The Delivery Of Mental Health Care.

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This essay explore the ethical, legal, and professional issues that impact upon the delivery of mental health care delivered to a client, it will also refer to recommendation for change in practice regarding the delivery of such care. The rational for choosing this client was because of issues relating to the fragmentation of his coping mechanism; perception; and support, which led to his crisis situation, which resulted in him threatening to commit suicide.In this essay the clients name shall be altered, and be referred to as 'Josh' in accordance with the confidentiality clause of the code of professional conduct "to protect all confidential information concerning clients obtained in the course of professional practice" Nursing and Midwifery Council ( 2002).Josh is a 54 year - old male of English ancestry. He lived in his own home (mortgage paid in full) with his wife (married for 12 years) and their daughter aged 12 years old. According to josh he was unfairly dismissed from his work, he further stated that at his age coupled with his disability, it would be almost impossible for him to find another job. This led to him developing a serious adjustment problem, which resulted in him developing a morbid psychiatric depression with strong persecutory delusion. Over a three year period he had repeated admission to a mental health unit, under Section. Over time his wife was unable to cope with the rigors and psychological strain of his illness. Therefore during this lifetime continuum she filed for a divorce, and made an application for him to be sectioned under Section 3 (using Form 8) for treatment in accordance with part II of the Mental Health Act (1983).The legal justification for Sectioning Josh was in the interest of his safety, to protect him from harming himself, as indicated in the Mental Health Act (1983) 'Grounds for Admission or Detention. Josh was suffering from a severe medical impairment with psychotic disorder, and the nature of his mental disorder was of such a nature that it was appropriate for him to be treated in a hospital, and this could not be achieved unless he was detained. In detaining Josh it would mean a better quality of life for him and his family. His wife and daughter no longer had to worry about him committing suicide, and the time spent in hospital would be beneficial to him because of the treatment and care that he would receive.It should be noted that under English law an individual cannot touch another without consent. To do so is a civil wrong, or in some circumstances a crime. However the Mental Health Act allows certain compulsory forms of medical treatment. Physical treatment can also be given without consent in cases of necessity, such as if someone's life is in danger, or if a person represents a serious threat to others.The nursing team supported the doctor and consultant (one of whom was section 12 approved) recommendation, (which is a statutory requirement, using Form 10 or 11) for Josh to be detained...

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