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Legal And Ethics In Business Environment

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Legal and Ethics in Business Environment

Legal and Ethics in Business Environment
After working as an employee for Coca Cola Company for a period of 20 years, I accrued enough capital to establish my own company. The investment sector presents many challenges when one invests on a global scale. The main challenge comes when the country you invest in suffers from political instability. It usually happens on unlikely basis that the investor does not anticipate. However, in the field of business, taking risks begets success. I decided to invest in foods and beverage industry on a global scale, which brings the focus of the main focus of this paper. My ...view middle of the document...

For the terms to be applicable the investor is from a different state and, the investment is usually in another state also known as the host. In the majority of states, the investment under the law enables the investor also referred to as the contractor to carry out his or activities in a friendlier manner. It grants the investor with best of treatment and fairness, protects him from expropriation, up to date security and protection. In this treaty, there is strict observation, promotion not forgetting liberation of contractor’s investment (Cheeseman, 2010).
The law favors the investor. The law in my own understanding will for sure put the safety of all the investors all-round the world (Murphy, 2009). The investor whose rights have been violated would be in a position to recourse to an international arbitrator which would often settle the case rather than having it done in the host country. The law would ensure fair and just conviction. I find this law most appropriate to my scenario. It will ensure security of our employees, protect them from the current skirmishes and will make our employees feel safe and welcome despite its situation hence motivates them leading to the company’s growth. When any one of our members will fall culprit to any of the above mentioned situation, that would ensure settling the case in a different state where justice would prevail in accordance to the stipulated law.
Another law common and most appropriate in our case is the International investment Agreement. The law is closely related to the bilateral investment laws. However, it is inclined towards policies related to taxation. In this treaty, the two parties (an investor...

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