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Legal Problem In International Marketing Essay

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Yanxiao Hu


In the modern world, all the economic activity is under control of certain legal system. International marketing of multi-national corporations are not exceptions. However, international marketing actually needs to face different legal systems due to the fact that there isn't a unified worldwide business law existing to manage the international business activities. Therefore, it is necessary and vital to get an overview of world law systems.

Two major legal systems

Laws and regulations of every country come from two major legal systems: Customary law, or common law, which sources from British law. Nowadays, Countries such ...view middle of the document...

So, we must be careful about the arbitration clause when we sign the international contract.

International business laws and regulations

Every country has its own laws and regulations towards product development, logo, pricing, distribution, promotion, competition, etc. They are so complicated that sometimes they effect on the corporation marketing strategy. A marketing expert once said, there is not one premium sales approach, which can be applied to the whole Europe. This is because each country in Europe has different restrictions on it. For example, premium sales is totally prohibited in France; In Finland, it is allowed when you cannot use the word "free"; In German, each kinds of promotion are strictly restricted. Another obvious example lies in the advertise management. In China, tobacco ads are banned; In German, medical ads are banned, while in France, beverage with high concentrations of alcohol is not allowed to be promoted in ads.



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