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Legal Process Paper Describes How John Can File A Discrimination Suit Against His Company With The Eeoc. Starts From The Beginning Of The Process Through To The Us Supreme Court.

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Legal Process PaperJohn Doe worked for a large sofa manufacturing company in the Northeastern United States. He was the supervisor of the pillow-stuffing department. He oversaw the activities of fifteen people. John was 50 years old and he had been working for the company for 15 years at various levels and 3 years at his present level. He was a respected and well-liked person in the company. This all changed when a new Plant Manager was, hired to streamline production.James Doe was a, young enterprising person, straight out of College, where he earned his degree in business management. James immediately took a dislike to John because when there were problems everyone went to John for answers and not to James. James started giving John all kinds of trouble, he would tell him he was working too slow and making jokes about what happens when one ages. John laughed it off until on morning in a production meeting. At the meeting, there was a new person present. When James introduced him to the group, he said that John was to train him in his position so John can start thinking about his retirement. John was, upset by this and went to the owner. The owner told him, "James is in charge and I trust his judgment." John felt hurt that the company would treat him so badly. John made many attempts to get an explanation, but only ran into roadblocks and got no answers. He had no choice but file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for age discrimination. John called the local EEOC field office. He found the phone number and other useful information on the, EEOC"S website, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a Government agency, which exists to protect all of us from employment discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, retaliation, age and disability. Individuals who feel their employer has discriminated against them for any of these reasons have the right to file a complaint through the EEOC.According to the EEOC website, the first step in processing a complaint through the EEOC is to contact an EEOC counselor before filing a complaint. This needs to take place within forty-five days of the matter alleged to be discriminatory. The counselor is responsible for providing counseling to the individual making the complaint on how the EEOC process works. The EEOC counselor then has thirty days from the date the individual made contact with the Equal Employment Office to provide in writing to the individual his rights and responsibilities in the EEOC complaint process.After these requirements have been satisfied, there is a formal complaint process. According to the EEOC website, a complaint has to be, filed against the company that allegedly discriminated against the individual within fifteen days of receipt of the Notice of Final Interview.A respondent company is responsible for conducting a thorough investigation. The company then has to provide an accurate record that allows...

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