Rights Toward Equality: Fair For Homosexuals Or Not?

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Throughout the United States there are many rights that should be practiced by everyday citizens, but there are many people that would not agree to that statement. Homosexuality has gone the distance in the past two decades and is finally being accepted by most people. Although it is being accepted, most rights that have been passed have not been equal to that of non-homosexuals. Discrimination towards homosexuals is the most problematic topic, for the very reason, they have been mistreated and/ or bullied by others for not being considered the norm. The way homosexuals do something, communicate, stride, and so on are being put on the line and should not be taken as being different. Equality should be seen with every man and woman without thought of their sexual orientation. Within different communities you can see the difference between the rights of dissimilar sex oriented people, and should be justified to where everyone is treated the same. With many different types of religion practiced around the United States, homosexuality is most likely problem considered a sin toward a religious person. Going against any normality that people have can cause a catastrophe within; let us just say the Catholic society. With only six states that have recognized to legalize gay marriage and actually follow through, many people from states that don’t have the legalization may think it is erroneous to be so called "married" to someone of the same sex. Partnerships no matter what the sexual orientation should have identical rights in a marriage. Adoption is also another matter homosexual couples have to suffer with. Furthermore, adoption agencies believe that homosexual couples could not be responsible for a child, nor have a loving home, in such a way that that of a heterosexual couple could provide.
Discrimination is considered to be revulsion or disgust toward another person due to color, sexual orientation, sex, appearances, personality and more. Homosexuality has been subject to discrimination for a while now, and whether or not someone is accurately a gay man, lesbian, or transgendered, that person will always have some sort of judgment held above their head. In Eskridge’s journal, he discusses discrimination, with regards to where it is at this moment in America. “The lesbian, gay man, or transgendered person will be considered deviant and will be subject to social, economic, and political discrimination” (Eskridge 2411). The motive regarding why this is is attributable to homosexuals being reflected as a minority, where Eskridge on page 2411, states “In 2000, the norm will be white, middle-class, male and heterosexual”. Why numerous individuals discriminate could be due to rationalizing about same-sex not being the “norm”, when polls show that more and more people are becoming accepting toward homosexuals. For instance, it may not be in intermediate level schools or high schools, but for various colleges there are students who essentially are...

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