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Legal, Safety, And Regulatory Requirements Essay

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There are many laws and regulations to talk about when it comes to the health care industry. All of the laws and regulations must be abided by for the organization to function to the best of its ability. The four employment/employee-related laws or regulations I will talk about in this paper will be Equal Pay Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Even with these laws and regulations in play doctors and hospitals still face many challenges.
The Equal Pay Act, or EPA, lets everyone of race, colour, nationality, and gender to be equally paid for all the employees. For example of what the act does is if a man is working on an ...view middle of the document...

With this act in place employers could not discriminate people from obtaining a job in their workplace based on just their age alone. This allows people to still have a fighting chance to work no matter what age they may be. Just because some people are older does not mean that they cannot perform the exact same duties as the rest of the employees. Also it does not mean that they won’t work just as fast as the younger employees because they are older. “Furthermore, ADEA allows prevailing plaintiff double damages in cases of willful violations and allows the employer to take any action when age is bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ),” (Holliday, 2010, para. 1). This mean that the only time an employer can get away with this legally is if the employee is not fully qualified for the particular job/jobs.
The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, was introduced in 1993. It allows eligible employees for up to 12 weeks of absence from work that is unpaid for situations such as maternity leave, a serious medical condition, or a child/spouse serious medical condition. Under FMLA, when an employee returns to work, they resume the position they held before taking the leave from work. The company or organization must still provide health care while the eligible employee is off work for FMLA. Also if an employee requests leave on FMLA they may be required to use their vacation or sick days first. If the employer fails to comply with eligible employees then the employee may end up suing the employer.
Many challenges may occur such as the doctor or hospital getting sued if the laws and regulations of these acts are not followed. With the EPA, employees can sue the employer if they are not equally paid as someone who has the same job/duties as they do if they have been there the same amount of time. As for the FLSA, employees can sue the employer for not starting them out on minimum wage, or giving them less than what the company had offered that employee at the acceptance of the job. Employers may get sued if they...

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