Legal Studies 010: Writing Assignment #3 (Francisco Velazco Jr.)

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The principle or condition in which an individual enjoys special rights or immunities is classified as being privilege. When I use the term privilege, I do not define it as identifying someone’s social class; however, I am describing privilege as having the opportunity to any of the rights common to all citizens under a modern constitutional government (Walsh and Hemmens, 436). The purpose of this essay is to inform the audience about how immigration and the law are crucial to our society especially in California. Although I do not want this paper to be bias, I do want to mention that a great amount of my friends and family members are immigrants and AB540 students. At the end of this essay, the reader will be informed about the struggle that many immigrants face with the contemporary laws of today.
Before I begin to assess these topics, I will first define a lot of the terms that may be comprehended differently by individuals. For example when people hear the term immigrant, some individuals automatically assume that immigrants are Mexicans who pass over the border between the United States and Mexico. This is absurd because according to the oxford dictionary, it defines immigration as a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. Not all immigrants who come to live in a foreign country permanently are living there legally. Also, immigrants are not only comprised of Mexicans, although the majority in the state of California is. People call them illegal immigrants because they are living in a foreign nation illegally; however, I personally do not like those terms because it degrades humans with that status as lesser beings. The term “illegal” infringes people’s state of being equal to others. I prefer to use the term undocumented immigrants because it does not infringe someone’s state of being as being lesser than someone else. Without truly knowing what certain terms mean, we are unable to comprehend the problem between immigration and the law.
The law is composed of general rules that were created by the American society that is applicable to all members of a community, society, or cultural (436). Even though there are undocumented immigrants here in the United States, the law is still applicable to them because they are assets to the community and society as a whole. One of the earliest conflicts...

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