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[Legal Studies]Discuss The Issues Surrounding Ivf Surrogacy And Cloning, Showing Both Sides Of The Argument And Also At The Same Time, Give Your Opinion

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IVF, surrogacy, cloning and genetic experimentation are reasonably recent ideas and technologies that can certainly be improved on and explored further. But is it really the path the human race wants to take? Children being born to one mother and taken care of by another? Two people exact copies of each other? Living beings being altered from their natural form for the sake of our comfort and lifestyle? Raising our children in machines?We have put laws in place to control these matters and during this essay ill discuss if they are doing enough and whether our society is better with or without IVF, surrogacy, cloning and genetic experimentation.IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatment began in 1978 and involves the fertilisation of a woman's eggs outside her womb. They are fertilised by donor sperm and then after two or three days they are reinserted into the womb. The pregnancy then continues like any other normal pregnancy. IVF can assist couples who for one reason or another are infertile and unable to have children. However there are a lot of problems. In an attempt to prevent children being born to unsuitable parents there are some restrictions places on who can receive IVF fertilisation:*The woman must be married or in a de facto relationship*Both the woman and her partner must consent to the treatment*A doctor must be satisfied that the woman is infertile or that any child she did naturally conceive would be likely to have diseases or abnormalities*Both the woman and her partner must undergo counselling before consenting to treatment*A man must consent the use of his sperm with any woman other than his wife*A woman must consent for her ova to be used by any other woman*If a donor is married the spouse must also give consent*Before anyone gives consent they must have received counsellingThese requirements were set in order to ensure the child would be accepted by a family and that no party is disadvantaged or unprepared for the birth. Many people aren't just concerned for the child and parents however and believe that IVF treatment is unnatural. About 10% of couples are considered infertile but some believe that we should not "mess with nature" by artificially impregnating a woman. Religions in particular can have trouble with humans "playing god".Personally I believe IVF treatment is an important part of modern society and most requirements/laws set at the moment are acceptable. In my opinion we aren't playing god so much as we are using human DNA to conceive. We are using sperm and eggs, which happen to be the body's natural way to conceive; we are just assisting the less fortunate to carry out a successful pregnancy.Embryos that aren't immediately used in the program are frozen and can be donated to other couples in the program or used for research. But I'll discuss research of embryos later on.Surrogacy is where an independent female agrees to give birth to a child on behalf of someone else. There are laws to prevent commercial surrogacy...

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