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Assignment: Legal Studies EssaySubject: Capital PunishmentWord Count: 1315Quotes Word Count: 268Legal Studies Essay - Capital PunishmentCapital punishment, also referred to as the death penalty, is the taking of a person's life as the punishment for a serious crime. Capital Punishment has been the subject of controversy for many years. Many methods of the death penalty has been used overtime around the world, some of these are hanging, lethal injection, death by firing squad, and many others. Australia does not currently allow the death penalty in its law system and many arguments have arisen about this issue. For many years people have been arguing about the death penalty and whether it is right or wrong. Its supporters say it is a suitable punishment, while its opponents say we don't have the right to take a life away. Both sides can turn to the Bible for help in most cases. The Bible talks about capital punishment and God tells of it as a good punishment for crimes, however, we should be able to forgive people. Overall capital punishment should be allowed, as it is a suitable punishment in most cases and if people are allowed to take away babies lives, why shouldn't they be allowed to take away criminals lives that deserve to die. To understand all of this, first it must be understood what capital punishment is.According to Wikipedia capital punishment is "the killing of a person by judicial process as punishment" (Wikipedia-Capital Punishment). Crimes that can result in the capital punishment, or the death penalty, are known as capital crimes or capital offences. For a long time capital crimes, such as murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping and other serious crimes, have been punishable by death in many countries. Methods of the death penalty that have been used have been changed overtime and vary in different countries. Some of methods that have been used before around the world are: burning, especially for religious heretics and witches on the stake; boiling to death; breaking wheel; burial (alive, also known as the pit); crucifixion ; crushing by a weight, abruptly or as a slow ordeal; decapitation, or beheading (as by sword, axe or guillotine); disembowelment; dismemberment; drawing and quartering; drowning, mostly done by way of the ducking stool and sometimes by walking the plank - cement shoes have allegedly been used by the Mafia Electrocution (also electric chair); explosives; flaying; garrotte; gassing; guillotine; hanging; impalement; lethal injection; marooning; nitrogen asphyxiation (theoretical "humane" method of execution); poisoning; pendulum blade; sawing; scaphism; shooting can be performed either by firing squad (usually to maintain peace and threaten insurgent forces) by a single shooter (such as the neck shot, often performed on a kneeling prisoner, as in the PR China) by cannon or machine gun; slow slicing; stabbing, iron maiden; starvation and dehydration (sometimes as immurement); stoning; by being thrown from a...

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