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Legalisation Of Marijuana Essay

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The discussion whether marijuana should be legalized and taxed is very present within the last month. That’s why I’m going to discuss the pro and cons about the legalisation of weed, as it is often called, in the following research paper.
Marijuana is a drug produced from the Cannabis plant, which is used to produce several kind of drugs. It is illegal an illegal substance under federal law, but some states passed legislation, that allowed the use of medical marijuana. Some states like Colorado and Washington went further and legalized the sale and consumption of small amounts of weed. In the Netherlands, marijuana is legal too.
There are several reasons why marijuana shouldn’t be legalized.
First of all, the consumption rate will increase dramatically, as consumer who didn’t use marijuana so far because they didn’t want to break the law might start using it.
Many experts fear that social cost increase dramatically. That means that because of the higher consumption rate, the number of health issues caused by marijuana consumption will increase. Furthermore, “there is plenty of evidence that drug-using employees are less productive and less healthy” (Walters, John P. “No surrender: the drug war saves lives”). What goes along with this is that a higher consumption rate also affects school. Experts fear that it has “a negative effect on high school graduation rates, college enrollment, and youth employment” (“Legalisation of Marijuana” Student Resource Center).
There are also public safety hazards that go along with the legalisation of marijuana. “Intoxicans rob individuals rob individuals of the ability to see a clear path” ( Wright, GeorgeNewton, Heather.”Counterpoint: There Are No Good Reasons To Legalize Marijuana). That is can become a great danger if a “stoned” person decides to drive. You can see this on the amount of accidents that occur already because of drunk driving. If marijuana would be legalized, the amount of accidents caused by divers under drug influence would further increase.
Some people also fear that marijuana “is a “gateway drug” which means that people who use marijuana are more likely to move on to more dangerous and addictive drugs” (“Legalisation of Marijuana” Student Resource Center).

Although there are many reasons against the legalisation of marijuana, there are more arguments that support it.
Examples for that are the physical effects of the Drug for example. Marijuana has, compared to other both legal and illegal drugs, low effects on the human body. “No death from marijuana overdose has ever been reported and the ill effects of alcohol, nicotine, and prescription painkillers (...) vastly overweight those of marijuana” ( Ingraham, Janet. “Lee, Martin A. Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana--Medical, Recreational, and Scientific”). Research has also shown that marijuana “ use does not lead to physical dependence, and there are no withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not discontinued” (“drug use” Britannica...

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