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Legalization Of Doping In Professional Sports

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The incident of Ben Johnson’s steroid disgrace during the Olympics of 1988 was not the genesis of drug use in sport. The use of performance improving drugs has a history with research indicating cases dating back to the creation of Olympic Games. Doping has shaken most, if not all of the sports competitions today. A lot of winners in various sport categories have been stripped their medals due positive elements of drug and substances in their blood or urine during tests. Sportsmen and women have been subjected to drug test frequently with those having positive results getting disqualified from competing.
There are various types of doping drugs in sport which include; Steroids, body development hormone, stimulants, blood doping for increased performance in competition. Performance enhancing drugs has a huge market in the world with billions of dollars in flow.
Proponents of drug ban have enough reasons to support their course, with most of them pointing at; reverence for guidelines of sport, acknowledgement that ordinary abilities and their aptness are the argument of sports, and the vision of an arms race in physical performance. Performance augmenting tablets have the influence to overcome variances in ordinary abilities and the inclination to expense and endure in the pursuit to effect those aptitudes. For the worth of sport they contend, there must be a level playing ground for all competitors. The use of drugs can lead to loss of what has been achieved in sports for a very long period of time. As rational as it may seem approval and validation of performance increasing remedies in sport has severe bearings. Legalization will change sport competition completely from between sportsmen and women to chemistry.
On the other hand, legalization of performance improving remedies has a following and support not only from the...

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