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Legalization Of Gay Marriage Essay

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Legalization of gay marriage has been a major controversial topic for a long time. Although, many people do not know what it means to be homosexual, most people do not know the actual definition of homosexuality and they do not know how difficult it is to be gay in this society. There are many reasons why people are against gay marriage and homosexuals all together. Most of the reasons are based on religious bias another big reason is being afraid of the unknown. Some smaller reasons are that being heterosexual is such a social norm now a day’s people are not used to the change. Also parents often time tell kids that homosexuality is not a good thing because of there own views. Gay marriage should be legalized because most of the people who have a problem with it do not form complete thoughts and do not have a real reason that makes it not okay. Finally, what it takes to get gay marriage legal in Illinois is more complicated then one might think.
There are many facts and statistics about gay marriage and the numbers are astonishing to read. Such as, only 11 countries currently allow same sex marriage and they include, Argentina, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, South Africa, the Netherlands, and some states in the United States. There are 38 states that have been able to ban homosexual marriage by constitutional amendments, state law, or both. Civil unions only grant some of the rights of civil marriages, but they do not get the important federal benefits or marriage. Some of those benefits include spousal support, medical decision making rights, hospital visitation privileges, and access to partners insurance. These facts and more are not right, because if the tides were turned heterosexual marriages would want the same rights as homosexuals do.
Being “out of the closet” for gay men and women is very difficult in this society because people can still get fired for being gay. It is legal to fire somebody for being apart of the LGBT community meaning being lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender in 29 states. That adds up to 55 percent or 76,300,000 have no legal protection against being fired because of there gender identity or sexual orientation. Back in 1985 gay rights were very strict they could not serve openly in the military, have sex without having the risk of being arrested, be protected under hate crime legislation, get married, be protected as a transgendered child, visit the same sex spouse in the hospital, come out as a celebrity and not have backlash, and identify as a transgender without being classified as having a mental disorder. These laws were in place 28 years ago and some of them have not changed; such as, be safe from being fired, get married, be parents in many states, serve the military as transgendered, and be served by every business. These are many of the hardships of being a part of the LGBT society. There are many reasons for things being the way they are still today.
Some of the reasons...

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