Legalization Of Human Organs Sales In America

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Have you ever had the experience of a long wait that seems like it was going to take forever? Or how about when you went to the amusement park that you have been so anxiously waiting for, finally to got inline just to peer over your shoulder to see that dreaded 3 hour waiting sign? Well hundreds of thousands of men,women and children feel that same pressure each and every day just in a greater sense of urgency than waiting in that line at the amusement park. Organ failure is an ever growing problem in America around about 20 people die each day from this leading to thousands of deaths each year, with the number of donors dwindling each year.
Of all of the organs transplanted one of the most demanded is the liver. With an ever growing demand for livers each year there is a great decline in viable donors which in turn leads to longer waiting list and greater risk of malnutrition and/or death in many patients. Their was a study done by the Transplant Outpatient Clinic at the University of Federal de Minas Gerais,Brazil (Ferreira 2).
The study followed a total of 159 people on the waiting list for livers, the results to the test were 70 patients or 44% received transplants, while 46 patients or 28.9% died waiting for a transplant, from the research gathered they estimated 265 days was all the patients had to live on the waiting list (Ferreira 2). From this study alone you would think that the US Government would look into or try to place some type of policy allowing the people to sell their organs at a set price for a wider range of donors.
You look at some of the things that the US government has passed in recent years and are appalled yet somethings that make sense they refuse to take a second glance. Making it illegal to sell ones own organs has created a life or death situation for many people in need of organ transplants. From the research I have look through there is only one place that has successfully legalized human organ sales while make a stable and successful market out of it, this place is know as Iran. Over the years both the US and Iran has used dialysis to keep patients alive waiting on organs, until Iran passed their law to legalize the sale of human organs and turned the waiting list from hundreds of thousands to practically nothing in a span of just a few years, while the United States left with thousands of people with only hope (Hippen 1). The Iranian system works just like any other market would, it is regulated with little room of negotiation and is processed through a transplant association. They way the donor is payed is first through a government compensation of around $1,200 Plus a very low health insurance coverage witch last about a year after the transplant. The second installment comes from ether the recipient or the origination the recipient is with and that is between $2,300 and $4,500 (Hippen 2). people still say because of the political, cultural, and religious differences of the US and Iran the system...

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